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KSQL Scenery issue


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Operating system:  Windows 10

Simulator:  P3D v4.5 HF2

Screenshot:  KSQL issue.png

Issue:  I-5 hwy is missing; also random brown textures

As seen in the screenshot attached, it appears that a few San Carlos area tiles are missing. I've tried all the proposed fixes I've found in this forum for similar scenery texture display issues without success. Using the "early access" version of OrbxCentral I had migrated all my Global, NA & Europe LC, Region and airport files to an external SDD library; but have since reinstalled Global and the regions back to their P3D root location. I'm currently running V4Central 0.15. I've tried uninstalling KSQL and reinstalling that in P3D using FTX Central. Tried reordering Vector file sequence, confirmed correct Orbx insertion points, have looked for conflicting bgl files, ran verify files and simulator sync and etc, etc.


Has anyone seen this issue and successfully resolved it? All my other Orbx sceneries I've checked so far seem to be ok, though some highways look crisper than others.

KSQL issue.PNG


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13 hours ago, Nick Cooper said:


please try this:



Nick, Yes, I've reordered the Vector lines as shown in your #8 response, without effect. Response #13 in that thread suggests there may be one or more corrupted files in either the SoCal region or (more likely) in KSQL itself. Note in my OP screenshot that in addition to the munged highway there are "desert-like" brown textures here and there, which suggests the culprit isn't Vector, or at least something else is compromising the subject vector files.


Looking forward to further ideas, perhaps from one of the developers?

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