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  1. Hello All, I've recently narrowed this down to a confliction between my Orbx Products. Owned Orbx Products Orbx Global base Orbx Vectors Orbx NA OpenLC Orbx NorCAl Orbx Store Order Numbers: 5cd2520b68335 | 5ccfa5ebcf56c ---- *****I do not have any other scenery products installed other than Orbx**** I'm sure this has happened to some of you with high mesh resolution settings. When a user flies over a runway with a "cliff" or sharp terrain changes on final, and at or slightly below the glide slope with a "heavy aircraft"; P3D will suck the aircraft in the ground. Here are various examples of what happens to my aircraft when I fly over a sharp terrain change (1m Mesh Resolution) on final: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-plWAfAxsXY&feature=youtu.be&t=1808 (30:08) if the link does not take you there. Made by a different user having a similar problem. More specifically, I first experienced it when on a KSFO RW28R final in the PMDG 747-8. Here are some detailed pictures of problematic areas (from a different user in a P3D bug report thread). Things I've Tried Vector Terrain Data Correction. KSFO is not listed. Verified all Orbx scenery files. Uninstalling and reinstalling Orbx Norcal Disabling Orbx NorCal. This completely fixes the landing problem, but I'd want to ideally keep the scenery Plus this causes for grass to appear on the runways. After I completely disabled Orbx NorCal, I re-enabled it to attempt to adjust the scenery load priority to have the "Mesh" component of NorCal be pushed all the way at the bottom. Although this fixed the grass on the runway, the elevation data confliction problem made a nasty reappearance. After a little more digging I instead moved the "CVX" component of NorCal to all the way at the bottom, which then fixed the elevation confliction, however thus by doing so "sinking" the textures below/ontop of the runway causing a nasty flickering and splotchy grassy runway. I am at a loss at to what to try next. Does anyone have a solution? It appears that buying FSG Pilot's mesh might be an expensive one... but am willing if I can get someone to confirm this as a fix. Thanks!
  2. Hello since I installed FTX global vector I have texture bugs with the aerosoft airports but not with the others (I am not on fsx steam edition) I'll give you a picture of the bug I also have FTX open LC europe and FTX global but they do not pose any problems
  3. I've recently changed Fsx Steam installation disk. Everything is working fine exept for the Vector Configurator. Orbx Central recognizes the right path of the installation but when I run the configurator it gives me this message. "No installed simulator was found...FTX Vector Configurator will now exit!" I've tried to unistall and reinstall Global Vector and Orbx Central but nothing changed. P.S. It happens also for Global Base and PrecipitFX Thank you in advance for any kind of help.
  4. good afternoon i have a question i am looking to buy some Orbx products only i would like some more information about Orbx Vector because i would like to know what this exactly does with texures on the ground.
  5. Hi, I noticed a problem with the textures. Screenshot attached. My ORBX addons: FTX AA ORBX LIBRARIES VER 150215 15TH FEBRUARY 2015 FTX GLOBAL BASE PACK - Version 1.30 September 2014 FTX GLOBAL VECTOR PACK - Version 1.20 October 2014 FTX openLC Base Region Version 1.10 - September 2013 FTX openLC Europe Version 1.15 - January 2015 FTX openLC North America Region 1 Version 1.00 - September 2013 How can i fix it? T.
  6. The roads and railway network in Global Vector is out of date compared to P3Dv5. Is there an update planned? Default P3Dv5 Global Vector for P3Dv5: Southern bypass in Nairobi is missing.
  7. I just noticed all of a sudden that the water class around Tampa, throughout the Gulf of Mexico, up the eastern seaboard and off the Texas coast are incorrect. Up around KJFK, KBOS they appear correct. I don't know if there are other areas that are incorrect or what has (I) changed to make this happen. I first noticed approaching the KTPA that the bay area, the coast, deep into inland rivers and ponds/lakes near the coast are showing the tropical waters textures instead of the inland waters or ocean textures. It looks like the tropical water class is going too far north and too far inland. What add ons establish water class? I'm guessing this would be the starting point for troubleshooting. Anyone else experience this?
  8. Hi, Any one know if having striped like the photos/checks/patches is normal. Flying over Amsterdam with Orbx Global, Vector, LC Europe, Region England, Buildings HD and Trees. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  9. Wondering if anyone can help Diagnose why my Orbx Scenery isn't displaying correctly? please see example screenshots and this is with Everything on max settings and it looks terrible. System Specs CPU: i9 9900k at 5,0ghz RAM: 16GB GPU: RTX-2080 Hard drives: 2tb standard WD Black SSD: Samsung Evo Pro 500GB SSD: Sata 3 SSD 240 OS drive Windows 10 Pro 64bit P3D V4.4 Addons: Global: Base pack, Trees HD, Vectors, Open LC EU and NA Regions: England, Great Britain South with Lib packs, Netherlands HD, North Cali, South Cali Misc: Object Flow and SODE Utilities GSX Airport - Aerosoft London heathrow Pro, FSDream Team KLAX Aircraft: Stock F22 used in test but also have NGXu and 747V3 more to add later if issues are resolved Game settings Traffic: zero'd Realism: Max'd Display settings: FXAA: on AA: 8xMSAA Texture Filtering: Anisotropic 8x Texture Res: 4k Display Res - 1440p Vsync: on (G-sync display) Triple Buff: on Target Frames Unlim World Settings: LOD High Tess: Ultra Mesh Res: 1m Texture Res: 7cm Use High Res Terrain is on Scenery Objects Scen Complex - Extremely Dense Auto gen Scenery Draw - High Autogen Veg: Dense Autogen Buildings: Dense Dyanmic Veg off Water High Special Effects High for both Lighting - HDR off Dynamic Ref off Dynamic Lighting On Landing Lights Illum on Display Lens flare: On Shadows Ultra quality Draw dis medium Weather is on default until I install active Sky Any suggestions greatly appreciated
  10. Operating system: win7 Simulator: fsx acceleration Screenshot: ftx vector auto configuration failed to complete Issue: ftx vector auto configuration failed to complete - This is the message that appears on my screen impossible to « enabled or disabled » terrain elevation in this case. the sceneries scan don’t start since the update i have verify files and re installed ftx vector without any changement do the same with the library
  11. Hello! In West Africa, Vector creates this huge ugly pool The coordinates of this place: N12 ° 25,38 ' W16 ° 22,21' Of course, in fact, this rectangle does not exist in this place. If possible, correct it. Orbx order receipt 5c65e3298ed36
  12. Hi all. Could someone inform me if there is a sequence of installation of products ex: Should I install Base Pack first, the OpenLC then Vector. Also is there a quick way to enable or disable these products. Example when I am flying commercial Jets at 35,000 feet I do no require all the details. Please let me know. Thanks Bat.
  13. Operating system: Windows 10 Simulator: P3D v4.5 HF2 Screenshot: KSQL issue.png Issue: I-5 hwy is missing; also random brown textures As seen in the screenshot attached, it appears that a few San Carlos area tiles are missing. I've tried all the proposed fixes I've found in this forum for similar scenery texture display issues without success. Using the "early access" version of OrbxCentral I had migrated all my Global, NA & Europe LC, Region and airport files to an external SDD library; but have since reinstalled Global and the regions back to their P3D root location. I'm currently running V4Central 0.15. I've tried uninstalling KSQL and reinstalling that in P3D using FTX Central. Tried reordering Vector file sequence, confirmed correct Orbx insertion points, have looked for conflicting bgl files, ran verify files and simulator sync and etc, etc. Has anyone seen this issue and successfully resolved it? All my other Orbx sceneries I've checked so far seem to be ok, though some highways look crisper than others. central.log
  14. So... I took off from one 7,600' airport, flew for 2 hours and landed at another 7,600' airport. This is going to look gorgeous once it's no longer default LC. From Addis Ababa to Asmara. and I'm at 19k'.... Just over the ridge it drops very quickly to only a couple of hundred feet. Must be a real steep drop, but I never got that far... Sorry... got carried away again...
  15. hi i'm user of vector, global, open LC Europe, open LC north America, au Australia 1& 2, nz north and south. The runway at NZWN always looks overlapped. ( I did not install any payware scenery of NZWN ) So the plane is not in the middle of the runway. I also implemented Global Vector's Airport Altitude Options, The problem has not been solved.
  16. Hello, Can you advise if the airports listed as enabled all need disabling action if flying to /from a listed or several listed destinations, also is it required to run the auto configueration check periodically or if a listed airport in the elevations corrections is moved from enabled to dis abled list? Thanks Charlie
  17. Hi there! I completeley reseted my PC today and did a clean reinstall of P3D v4.5. I now have a problem, that P3D stopps loading at 71% or 66% -> task manager says "inactive" (after starting P3D, not when loading into a flight). When I delete the scenery.cfg everything "works" again but there is no more ORBX entry in my scenery list and it does not seem, that Vector is installed. Is there any solution? (it also happened once, when installing FTX trees) PS.: Yes, I installed ORBX base and it worked. Thanks very much in advance!
  18. Another milk run took me from Quito to Panama to Mexico City (that's a long way, just quietly), Acapulco, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Houston and New Orleans. MMMX to KIAH was AeroMexico AM228 in a DC-9 - there and back (AM229) in a 12 hour day in a DC-9. Some randoms from the trip, in no particular order: Mike
  19. Santo Domingo to San Juan Gear up... Picking up the radial Good bye to the Dominican Republic Hello to Puerto Rico Miami to San Juan with the four stops was 7.4 hours logged in the sim. There is a milk run in reverse, but I think I'll park that for now. Much more to explore... Mike
  20. Leaving a grey Jamaica: Haiti ahead: Time to head down: Port Au Prince: Better conditions than Kingston: One more stop before San Juan.
  21. I've ORBX Global Base Pack and Global Vector dowloanded but I can't see any changes. Can somebody help me please?
  22. The hop from Montego Bay to Kingston on PA431, Miami to San Juan milk run. Settled en route Probably should have tuned the localiser... 23°C, dew point: 23°C... Next stop Port Au Prince in Haiti.
  23. The milk run to San Juan from Miami in 1961: Crossing Cuba. I wonder what protocol in 1961 was... Into Montego Bay The next hop is across to Kingston.
  24. Similar to my recent post regarding default bridges on Tarawa/Bonriki, I've found some more Vector oddities in the South Pacific. I happened to find them on the first two airports I looked at while trying to see if Kazuo Kawamura's nice Tuamoto-X scenery was compatible with ORBX (which sadly it doesn't appear to be directly, at least not without some tweaking to remove the Vector coastlines). Anyway, I decided to search a little more deeply for these problems, expecting that if I found them on the first 2 I looked at, there may be a whole lot of them. Fortunately, after an extensive (but not exhaustive) recon of probably 75 or so airports, I did find 4 with major Vector problems (not to mention misplaced runways): NTGA (Anaa) - note the bridges just northwest of the airport, as well as the missing terrain just at the south end of the runway: NTGD (Apataki) - this one is pretty obvious: NTGV (Mataiva) - while it looks like the runway is misplaced, it actually is not (or is at least reasonably close). Instead, the island is "inverted"; what is island in FSX should be lagoon and the area between the two coastlines should be island: And finally, poor Palmyra Atoll (PLPA) is completely mangled: It's too bad this beautiful corner of the world doesn't seem to get the attention it deserves in FSX...
  25. TNCM to KOFP in a DC-6A. A mere 5 hours... but flying a four engined airliner at 6k' instead of 36k' does kinda make up for it: The Bahamas: So... the forecast wasn't good And so it proved Mike
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