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'Verify Files' (Global BASE) always gets stuck while scanning


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Operating system:  Windows 10

Simulator:  FSX (Steam Edition)


Issue:  'Verify Files' (on Global BASE) always gets stuck while scanning



I am trying to fix/reinstall my Global BASE installation (order 5ceff99543e5a), but when I use 'Verify Files' in Orbx Central, it always gets stuck (log attached) during the scanning process.

The reason is that I had to use Steam's 'verify integrity of game files' to fix a problem with an add-on, but that of course affected the Orbx installation. So the product is still listed as 'Installed' in Orbx Central, but I cannot verify its installation to restore the files that were replaced by Steam.


In between attempts, I have deleted the contents of the Orbx folder under '%AppData%\Local\Temp\Orbx' in order to reset the process, but to no avail. I had left it going for quite some time (over an hour after stalling) to see if it was just slow, but it wouldn't budge. I have also tried restarting my computer and disabling my antivirus.


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Orbx Central is indeed fully compatible with FSX Steam Edition.

However, in the absence of an answer from the developers, you could try installing FTX Central

again and uninstall and reinstall Global Base.

If that is the only thing you do, there should not be a problem.

You can download it here





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Guest Josh Koz

@Person This is quite an unusual issue. I've created a task internally to try investigate what might be causing this however I can't provide a time frame on this.


Can you try completely re-installing Orbx Central and/or Global Base to see if the issue persists?

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Thanks everyone for the replies.

I don't know if maybe my computer was the issue, but I opted to simply uninstall everything (Orbx Central, the Orbx packs I own, FSX), and reinstall.

Everything seems to be working fine now (the installation is progressing normally).



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