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New Orbx central in french

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When new Orbx central modify french scenery.cfg it changes the french accent with special signs like that :


Title=D�cor d'environnement FS9
Description=Donn�es de d�cor FS9


Instead of


Title=Décor d'environnement FS9

Description=Données de décor FS9


So the scenery.cfg doesn't work.



Jean-Claude COLLE.

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To clarify, I switched my scenery.cfg to include the French text from the original post, then ran it through Central to see what it outputs. It appeared to output those characters correctly. This would lead me to believe Central is handling non-English text correctly, but I'll need the original scenery.cfg to be sure.

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Second test with Orbx central V4.0.6.

I deleted all the french accents of my scenery.cfg so I have no more problem however I would point out that the problem is still present but for information even the french developers like France VFR do not use the french accents in their sceneries.

No more problems with the insertion point.

I use Orbx central without migration or backup option and everything seems to work properly with FSX on WIN 7.

This time I keep Orbx central.



Jean-Claude COLLE

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I am sorry but there is always a big problem with Orbx central 4.0.6 and the scenery.cfg. For exemple when I add a new aera in my scenery configuration using Scenery config editor it is ok but if I add this aera directly with FSX then my scenery.cfg is corrupted. Aera.001 to Aera.099 are duplicated at the end of scenery.cfg.

I join a scenery.cfg corrupted.

This problem is not present with FTX central 3.


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For your information, the problem with accented characters still remains in Orbx Central v4.0.10.

The rig is:

- Win10 64bits french v1903

- keyboard set to french (only this one installed)

- language set to french (only this one installed)

- date, currency and so on set to french with the exception of the decimal symbol set to "." (dot) NOT comma (otherwise some pb with aircraft.cfg remains to my mind?)

- area, country set to french (default)

- time zone set to standard/default: as you explained it, this is mandatory to permit the authentication in Orbx Central otherwise it fails ((I've experimented the case :))

- EDIT: Orbx Central set to French.


Thank you to inform us if this could be fixed please.

Thanks for your support.


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