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Operating system:  WIN10 Pro

Simulator:  P3D v4.5




Can someone please explain this to me.

I run the Vector AEC in NEW ORBX Central, it scans and returns with the result, no airports to disable.
I run the Vector AEC in OLD  FTX Cebntral. it scans and returns with the result,  69 airports disabled.



the Swede in Spain



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As written in other topics, FTX Vector is unable to see sceneries installed via the add-on.xml method. If you now migrated all your ORBX sceneries with the new FTX Central, all your sceneries are installed via add-on.xml method and can not be seen by FTX Vector anymore, hence you find nothing.


Workaround: either use makernwys.exe and use the scenery.cfg it creates (BACKUP your original scenery.cfg before doing this) or use Lorbi-SI addon manager to temporarily create a scenery.cfg for you. Those scenery.cfg's created like this will contain the add-on.xml based sceneries and FTX Vector will be able to recognize them...


Most cumbersome workaround: add all installed sceneries manually in FTX Vector...

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4 hours ago, AnkH said:

use makernwys.exe and use the scenery.cfg it creates

Thanks for that tip. Would that affect the FSAerodata files though (since it contains runway info as well), or is it completely different? Sorry, but I am a bit lost here, wish I had known what I was getting myself into before moving with this v4 trap when everything worked so well with v3!!!...

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I have yet to upgrade central and literally just asked about Vector on another post as I had previously noticed AEC appeared to fail to find airports installed by Add-on.xml


This is very troublesome to read.  Why should we be forced into some long and tedious method or workaround using third party utilities?  I thought the whole selling point for this new method was ease and expediency? I can understand a little why developers use the Add-on method, as it allows them to have custom folders, effects etc within the airports folder structure rather than install within the main sim folders, but I find it so restrictive.  Vector may have to be deleted if it no longer corrects elevation problems.



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if you don't migrate Vector, then the control panel will continue to work fully,

so the advice is don't migrate it yet.

That doesn't stop you using Orbx Central if you wish to.


Even if it is migrated, the manual AEC function still works and any settings

changed can be saved in a profile.


The team will fix this in due course.

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