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  1. So mrscotte, what you basically say is that when I get fed up with my sim and change to a new one, Orbx should give me ALL my bought add-ons, for my "obsolet" sim, for FREE for my new sim!!!! I do not want my P3D any more and changing to XP and want ALL my addons changed to XP for FREE and in about 2 weeks I no longer want to use XP and change to FS2020 so now I want all my add-ons for FREE gain for my new sim. Please tell me this is a joke. Jack
  2. Se this page. ESMS is included in Sweden design. I can recommend everything on this page if you are interested in tha Nordic countries. Jack http://www.flightsimnorway.com/addons/default.php?funct=dl&pack=aon
  3. Why are you asking this type of questions, as you should know by now that Orbx never answers them. Wait and see. Jack
  4. When you install your sim you have to choose "OPTIONS" on the first screen to be able to pick the location where you want it to install. Jack
  5. Yes life sucks!!! I have been a loyal costomer to Orbx since day 1, have ALL their products, bought fullprice but NEVER had an appreciation from them as "loyal customer". So from now on I will NOT buy one more product from them when it is released. When the head is stupid, the wallet suffers. Jack
  6. https://www.digitalcitizen.life/ssd-vs-hdd-higher-frame-rates-games My own test is NOT sientific but I have used both type of discs and found NO difference in performans/fps/somoothnes. Jack
  7. An SSD makes NO difference when it comes to flying. Initial loading time is a little bit quicker but performans/fps/somoothnes is not different from a "normal" HD. IMHO a n SSD for a sim is a waste of money. I have one for my OS but everything else is on a HD. Jack
  8. "Q400 not in V5 but working in V5", WRONG there is a version for V5, just download it from you account. Jack
  9. Go to the website where you bought the product and download the new version from your account. http://majesticsoftware.com/forums/discussion/704/the-majestic-2020-roadmap Jack
  10. Also people can use the search-function, but maybe that is too difficult. Jack
  11. Thanks YoYo for the info, guess I´m not blind after all. Jack
  12. I must be blind but on my Orbx Central opening page there is NO FlyJuly page or button for the page. Jack
  13. https://www.digitalcitizen.life/ssd-vs-hdd-higher-frame-rates-games Jack
  14. SSD has NO effect on fps what so ever it only speeds up the loading time of the sim. This forum and Internet is full of answers to that, just make a search.
  15. Thanks, guess I was a little bit too fast. My Centrall did not show the downløoad, but it does now. Jack
  16. My Orbx Central does not show a download for version for P3D v5 and I can not find a download link for it anywhere. I have the version for v4, how do i get it for v5? Jack
  17. I did run the attaced file and it works and shows the sewtup screen Jack TongassFjordsFSXConfig64.exe
  18. Did you also modify the terrain.cfg? attaching the Tongass entries. Jack terrain-cfg 2019-01-30 Tongass Fjords.txt
  19. While you are at it, buy a bigger one and replace your D-drive, 1 TB is not big enough for the future. Only my Orbx-sceneries uses about 650 GB + all other add-ons. Jack
  20. What is the matter with you guys. You keep asking questions about sales/new releases time after time, but Orbx NEVER gives any dates so why keep on asking. Jack
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