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Flat red roof buildings in demo

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I am interested in Orbx but have a question from trying the demo.


If I set the number of world objects to anything but "maximum" these red flat buildings pop out everywhere. Is this a feature of the full release or has it already been patched out, just not in the demo? If that's the case I would check the demo too because it may put some people off. Even if I can run at maximum I won't do it all the time and I would like to not see those red roofs.




Cessna_172SP - 2019-07-17 21.18.30.jpg

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Yeah thats all right.


But in my screenshots, you see that the roofs and shadows have been sort of baked into the texture.


Thats very nice and fps efficient but not so great when no 3d building is rendered over it.


I could live with this if it is an effect of reducing world objects but what I don't understand is why many buildings are missing on "World Objects = Maximum"


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I can replicate this in XP11 by setting the number of world objects to High rather than Maximum.  Maybe the demo treats the scenery but I'd be surprised.


Maybe you can Google the problem to see if there's a setting in XPlane that results in your maximum setting not showing all objects?


ANyway I can assure you the full product has 100% autogen coverage as per this screenshot:







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@John Dow thanks this answers my biggest question (half): the full product has 100% coverage - good!


but I need to set the world objects to "maximum" - otherwise you could not replicate the problem - not good ..


actually I don't know


performance wise it's a good idea to bake the shadows in the scenery like that. and the fps are very good in the demo even on maximum. But if I make a flight from UK to another country where I have other scenery, this is not ideal.


I have Spain UHD + X-Europe 2 which does not play so great with "Maximum"


But I cannot have all and must see what is more important to me. For VFR + maximum this is certainly the scenery to go with it.



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