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AI Traffic error Brisbane

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What you are seeing is the static airlines in place as well as the AI traffic. Your screenshot of the YBBN Control Panel indicates that the various files that control which APX file is in place have become out of sinc.


You could try switching between FSX Ground Poly and FSX Ground Poly + Static Airliners a couple of times and see if that corrects it. If not, post a screenshot of your Orbx YBBN Scenery folder and we can check which files are out of sinc.   

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Graham thank you so much for your information. Great support. Please sorry for my bad english. I have follow you recomendations sitching between FSX Ground Poly and the another: with Static airlines. That was not the solution for me. When i change the aircraft density higher to 20% i see 2 aircraft on some gates. Plese see the attached pics.










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The problem is not with the AI Traffic pack but with your install of YBBN Brisbane. You have quite a few duplicate files which are causing your issues.


You need to remove all the duplicate files where you have both an active and .OFF version of the same file. Once you have done that, use the YBBN Control Panel to switch between options a few times and it should sort your files for you.


The Control Panel switches files between active and inactive and that functionality is lost if both the ON and OFF version of the same file is present.

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