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FTX GlobalBase+OpenLC+Vector autogen issue


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I've installed the global base, the latest libraries with openlc europe and vector europe on a fresh p3dv4 pro. The FTX center v3 did the migration so everything was fine, but after running the sim, the resulting scenery had many issues with misplaced autogen buildings and trees and deformed objects located i.o. in close proximity of runways, on taxiways and other random places. I have my autogen set on very dense, both for trees and building and my scenery complexity at dense, but changing these values doesn't seem to resolve the problem. I always run p3d and ftx center as an administrator and my p3d main catalogue has all the accessibility granted.  I've attached two screenshots with some of the bugs visible. The area is EPBC airstrip. Thanks in advance for Your support.



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Hello Mark,

Welcome to the forums, you have run the Migration, but have you run the Migration Troubleshooter at = P3Dv4/ORBX/Troubleshooter ?

This will clarify all the files.

I do not understand Vector Europe, Vector is Global, have you got a 3rd party software installed ?



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So I did a complete reinstallation of everything - p3d and all orbx content, updated p3d from 4.0 to 4.1, run the migration troubleshooter and theoretically everything is fine, but obviously it's not as I still face the same problems. I have found a very useful post (below) compared the location, and there is no difference in what I see in my sim. Maybe someone with the same ftx products installed could check (EPBC) if this is a separate case or a common thing and that is how this area looks like. Also I have noticed, that the long building bug appeared after i've installed OpenLC europe. 


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