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New Install - poor frame rate on Global


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I have a new laptop which I have yesterday installed P3DV4.1 on.

With no other programmes / addons and stock aircraft I had frame rates of 100.  With a complex aircraft 60 plus.

All on medium to high settings except lighting. 

Happy days!


Then I installed FTX Global.  Scenery is on HD using symbolic link /junction.

Flew exactly the same flight and with NO CHANGES TO SETTINGS and got less 10 to 20 FPS in VC.


I've been using Global for year so I know this is not what to expect.


I want to get this right before I add anything else like sceneries, regions, weather etc.


Can anyone suggest anything obvious to check?




Dean Order Number: FSS0504556

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Hi Dean,

try to rebuild scenery indices, by deleting files  in your c:\programdata\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\SceneryIndexes_x64 folder.

I had load times up to 10 Minutes, and after delete scenery indices and restart P3D v4 it was less than 2 minutes.



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