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  1. Hoping we'll get some more TrueEarth regions in the US for X-Plane at some point!
  2. I forward this; I've been hoping for new TE sceneries in the US for a while now. Georgia, New England, or somewhere in the Central Rockies/Southwest region would be great! I hope it's still on the agenda for sometime, as opposed to being discontinued. If someone from Orbx could shed a light on this; it'd be very much appreciated!
  3. Holy Macaroni! This might be you guys' best product yet!! I can see how big of a difference TrueColors makes. Absolutely stunning!! Great work as always, Orbx
  4. That's my intention! I blurred out everything except the plane, the flag, and the runway to create some sort of "depth effect". I usually don't mess around with photo editing, but I think they turned out great.
  5. NE is beautiful this time of year. Great shots, Jack!
  6. All good Jack, appreciate your thoughtfulness!
  7. Thanks all for your comments! I really do appreciate them. This is Seattle, as depicted in TrueEarth Washington Thank you very much Jack, however, my birthday isn't until the 30th of December
  8. My god... these look terrific! Best shots I've seen in a while
  9. The Harbor Air one looks absolutely fantastic! Great job.
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