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  1. Hello! When I first bought the Oregon scenery I was tickled to notice the fancy refurbished Tillamook Creamery was represented. I recently updated to the latest scenery and happened to notice the creamery building has reverted to it's earlier state. Truly something only a coast guy would care about, but thought I'd pass it along.
  2. Ah! That would explain it. Only one thing to do: buy TE Washington!
  3. Greetings! Not entirely sure what's going on here and apologies if this is a known issue. There is a very visible seam West/SW from Portland. Is something not loading correctly? I'm a bit of a scenery newbie. scenery_packs.ini Log.txt
  4. This scenery is a game changer for me :-) Loving all the shots along the coast so I figured something inland might be interesting.
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