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  1. Hey Orbx people when will you update Jandakot as its so out of date that it looks like a different airport with missing taxiways and extensions to taxiways and the size of the hanger area has doubled that it looks like different airport!
  2. Hi, I have the NZ South Island landclass and added to it Queenstown Airport in p3d v4.2 I only have Orbx sceneries installed through FTX and I have run the auto elevation correct in Vector. Unfortunately the runways at the Queenstown Airport in Otago is sunk into the ground a few metres. Any ideas how to fix this please? Cheers
  3. Thanks I ended up deleting everything reinstalling with the options disabled and it worked.
  4. Hi Orbx, I have had multiple download failures after several successful downloads. I have reinstalled FTX several times. Thanks
  5. Thanks Stewart your beautiful screen shots were so good I have just bought the payware, thanks for sharing buddy!
  6. What is the payware for Nice you use please? Looks superb.
  7. Hi Stewart, is that a separate payware airport at Nice or just Orbx, looks superb.
  8. Just want to thank the ORBX team for delivering so quick on P3D v4. I and others are thankful you treat your customers so well and always deliver and you are always open on where you are going. You provide a fantastic product and your pricing is very good value over a lifetime of product and support.
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