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  1. Yes me too, a lot of shortcomings in MSFS unless you are deeply into fixed wing GA VFR. Unrivaled for that but still a big gap for most other forms of flight compared to X plane or P3d.
  2. You are correct but MSFS was being held out to be the end of fiddling and optimisation, just more of the same . Funny though is that I don't spend much time fiddling with either P3D V5 or Xplane 11.50 these days. I did the p3d V5.1 update and it just worked and all my settings stayed intact.
  3. The great white hope of not fiddling for optimization and crashes with flight sims is now here with us on MSFS, the great white hope and we are still being forced to fiddle with files directly' I am very disappointed with this whole delivery and patch on patch that is evolving and people have now accepted it again. sigh.
  4. Not to mention great physics, VR and a lot of great aircraft including helicopters.
  5. I have been asking this for a while but you never get an answer.
  6. Thanks for asking but I feel there is detail missing and it looks dull but maybe that is because of the lack of ground traffic. I'll wait until the plugin is fixed . Cheers.
  7. Maybe that is what it was but the scenery lacks the pizzazz from 11.30.
  8. The Orbx scenery appears to me to need some refinement for the new Vulkan API. I just wont be going back to pre Vulkan as in VR especially X Plane is flawless in terms of FPS now for me at least. I guess you are throwing all your resources at MSFS but f0or many of us X Plane is still the sim of choice and with Orbx for many of us it is still a better simulator in many areas, not everything but some things which are simply not available in MSFS. Thanks looking forward to your update. @Tony Wroblewski@Ed Correia
  9. This is precisely the problem , people judge MSFS or whatever they use on their own value set which may be very limited to say the least.
  10. upgrade to V5 its cheese and chalk and Orbx have most add ons working now.
  11. Well sure it does to me as I only fly where I fly in real life so I don't care about the other 12990 airports or whatever the number is , that's my point if you are not into fixed wing GA VFR then there is no one at home in MSFS at the moment. There are a lot of promises but as I said before I'll wait to see how the fidelity of those promises are delivered as at the moment it's strength is more a world scenery simulator than a full functioned flight sim.
  12. Sorry but not everyone likes it because it has limited functionality compared to what has come before. if you want a GA VFR flight sim and you want to land at 13,000 airports of mostly very poor quality compared to an Orbx airport then this is the perfect sim. In my view because it currently has no helicopters and no VR , it's useless to me and I have parked it hoping these features will be delivered with a high fidelity. Yes they are coming and I have signed up for the VR beta testing but proof will be in the pudding and until its delivered for many of us it is not anywhere near the point where I would delete DCS, X pLane 11.5. P3D V5 or the brilliant helicopter sim Aerofly. If and when MSFS can match the fidelity of the functions in this sim it remains to be seen. DCs, well that's a whole another story of functionality that wont ever be coming to MSFS.
  13. Yep its just another sim in my stable of sims and they all do something different. Maybe one day MSFS will take out P3D and X plane but I am now thinking probably not. I doubt the helicopters if we ever get them in MSFS will be anywhere near Aerofly Fs2 as it appears to me MSFS is a sim aimed at visuals and landscapes and less at being a flight sim.
  14. I have shelved MSFS for 12 months as it lacks a lot of features and I guess we will see how P3D improves over the next 12 months as well. I will be buying this as soon as it drops.
  15. Missing out, go buy the academic version, it's the cheapest full functioned sim out there.
  16. I hope it wont be East Coast Centric and you give us at least Jandakot on the West Coast please!
  17. I agree with you but you may as well be speaking to a brick wall as it seems people smitten by MSFS 2020 can't see any failings or can't comprehend it is not ready to meet what other people want. MSFS 2020 is a great start but I'm shelving it for 12 months as its not meeting the fidelity of the functions I like in a sim compared to the other sims on offer other than spectacular scenery for 5000ft.
  18. I never said that was the case, what I said was you are mistaken if you think everyone values things the same way as you. I certainly don't value things like you do but you missed that point, so try and be accurate in your comprehension of written English please.
  19. I bought it to support the franchise but as you said it will be at least a year or more before I think I will start looking at it seriously.
  20. I don't think anybody is making a mistake it's just you are trying to argue some value judgement to others as an out of the box exercise. In that case MSFS 2020 is a complete failure to those users that want to fly helicopters or gliders or fast military jets or use VR as these are simply not options at the moment, I am aware they (let me call them the missing functions and there are more than what I just listed) are supposed to be coming, but with all the patches and bugs at the moment I hardly think the developers' will have them as the priority they once were. When they are in place and working well enough to use I guess we can get a better idea of the value proposition of MSFS 2020. I am sure there are users that find MSFS 2020 perfect as they fly GA bug smashers and want to land at a different airport for the rest of your life every 5 minutes then MSFS 2020 is unbeatable value so long as you like your low level scenery that's come out of the twilight zone. I fly helicopters and like to stick to areas that I know so it's not such a big investment to buy the add ons I want so I want the best simulator overall not just the cheapest value out of the box simulator and I know a lot of the rivet counters like myself will pay to get what we want rather than compromise. Now having said that what we are now finding is that MSFS 2020 also requires you to buy add ons so I don't think its possible with MSFS in its current early release form to make a judgement and say all of us except you are mistaken.
  21. I guess the difference is that all the versions of P3D had full functionality and we paid to beta test a full function sim and not beta test an early release title. MSFS is an early release title IMHO as-it is still missing a lot of functionality compared to say the latest retail release of X Plane 11.5 or P3D V5.
  22. There is still a lot life life in X Plane and a lot of reasons to keep using it and I am certain it wont be standing still.
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