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  1. where's the x-plane version that was announced? why does XP get a back seat almost always?
  2. Lame, why make an announcement if it is vague. Better say nothing at all.
  3. which country? ah darn, was hoping for more United States.
  4. Hello, why is there a static CRJ Air France at Key West? this is wrong. please update your product(s) to not have incorrect airlines and or plane types in your scenery. If it is x-plane doing this, why does it place the incorrect planes and how can you stop it? it is very annoying, ie seeing a united 737 at Heathrow.
  5. Chicago already exists with airports very well made by DD. MO would be great
  6. @Tony Wroblewski Can you speak to some of these ideas and announce what lies ahead?
  7. TE Colorado would be great too. KDEN is anther mega hub and it would be great to have the scenery of the city & rockies. there is a nice pay ware kden already
  8. Hi all, now that TE SC is out, downloading now. What comes next? Anything more for the U.S. ? suggestions: US: Hawaii Nevada Arizona International: Israel Germany France Italy
  9. Mac users can't use MSFS, so we will stay with x-plane and want realistic scenery vs plausible generic stuff.
  10. @Iain Emms can you please get more shots of the full downtown skyline. It looks sparse from the screenshots like the city was not modeled fully? looking for images literally at KSAN to show the Marine Corps base, the parking garage on approach, also would like to see the USS Midway and Navy Base. also, is the Cabrillo national monument & overlook modeled? How about any piers for attractions like at pacific beach? I’m more interested in the objects than images of the landscape
  11. I know the airport itself is default. Unless you use the payware KSAN like I do. But I want to see more images up close of the ksan area.
  12. the Hollywood sign has already been posted, slide 8 I believe on the original Orbx post. this thread I want to keep to San Diego if possible.
  13. can you please add more images to show: 1) KSAN 2) the parking garage approach 3) more downtown 4) Balboa Park 5) USS Midway 6) Cowles summit 7) Marine Corps Air Station Miramar
  14. awesome! can you post images of San Diego city and airport? can you define "soon" for the release? Any chance it will be out for the weekend ?
  15. I’d buy TE France, Germany, and Italy. Though, I’d like more of the US flushed out first. TE Hawaii would be great.
  16. Hi @Tony Wroblewski how close are socal screenshots and release? I ask because it's been nearly 3 weeks come Thursday from the last "shouldn't be to much longer" notation. Thanks.
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