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  1. Its Saturday here, so I had a mess around with Orchid Beach and the Gippsland Airvans, both RYT and BFS. The airport works OK and the AI fly in and out, on time. The Aussies will get this. While getting YOCB Orchid Beach going, I discovered an "Easter Egg" in the scenery, a bloody Dingo with a baby in its mouth !! . Sick sense of humour, but I did have a good laugh. Here you go. RYT included !
  2. Hi Gerold, Yes, both VH-RYT and VH-BFS are there but they don't go to Fraser Island in the sim. RYT goes over to Bundaburg and back and BFS goes to Cairns (YBCS) and then on to Innisfail (YIFL). I had to de compile Traffic_FTX GA Traffic.bgl to make sure. You can often see BSF at Hervey Bay if you start a flight around midday. Orchid Beach airstrip in the sim is out in the ocean with a water runway. and there is nothing on the beach at Eurong. I think that when I finish my South American adventure, I should make some new .bgl's and fix this situation up and have some planes landing on the beach again. I had all this in FS9. A real life story,, Some years back, one of our summer tropical thunderstorms came through the bay, and before they had time to put RYT in the hanger, the wind picked her up and threw her against the shed wall. Lots of damage. Got some pictures somewhere, a sorry sight. RYT at Hervey Bay. TZR flys up to Lady Elliot Island in the sim OK. The time I took the shots. Chris.
  3. Hi Charles, I fly in here with the PMDG 737-800 also. I follow the route that Virgin flew almost every day, ie up the coast from River Heads, turn west at the Urangan water tower, I live across the street, turn base at Point Vernon at 1200 feet, then straight in on finals. On base, you should be flying over the Hervey Bay Golf Course, which is in the Orbx scenery. Admittedly, you have to get on the brakes pretty quick, I set auto brakes to 3. Spoilers up and reversers on pretty much as soon as the main gear is firmly on the ground. Give me a shout out when next you are in the bay. Chris. BTW. I have a Niece that lives at Ashby Heights.
  4. Here you go Scott Harmes. These photos were taken on the day of the opening of the Hervey Bay Airport extensions, 2005. The "Avis" livery came in in the morning with a bunch of VIP's from Melbourne and later, the "Vinilla" 717 came and left in the afternoon with regular passengers. Chris..
  5. Did you know, this little baby is in Orbx Australia and New Zealand AI traffic packs. Gippsland Airvan Lands on the beach too, at Fraser Island. Chris.
  6. Yes Scott, that is a JetStar 717.
  7. Thanks Guys, I'm enjoying South America. Brazil has a population of over 211 million, and then there is all the other counties to explore.
  8. Oh, and thanks Iain for removing those extras. And BTW, when I posted the quote above, the address showed up as a link,,,, I give up !!! Chris.
  9. Yeh Nick, I know, but if you look back at my posting in "Community Screen Shots", "A morning harvey bay departure Saab style", on my first attempt I posted this, " On the next attempt it worked. Maybe I'm loosing my touch,,,,, Bloody computers ! Anyway, all OK, I'll carry on, I have a plane to catch, Asuncion SGAS, Paraguay, to (SAEZ) Buenos Aires, Argentina to get some more screen shots. Chris.
  10. Guys, I have been bashing away on this forum for at least 10 years, and never had a problem. Now I find I have 3 identical posts up. (please remove some) And half the time, I cannot get pictures to stick, all that shows up is the url. I find the only way to get this right, is to do it all in a Word document and copy that all into the pages here. Still, it appears that is not fool proof either. I don't like this new format ! Chris.
  11. I was surprised to read in the Community Screenshots comments that people didn't realize how big the airport is. Maybe that misconception has put people off buying Orbx Hervey Bay. It is a wonderful part of the world, right on the Southern end of the Great Barrier Reef. I fly my Virgin 737-800 into YHBA all the time, to keep my skills up, no ILS here. Here is some real life pictures I have taken of some of the stuff that fly's in here. Taken from my back yard in Urangan, a RAAF Boeing B737-7ES / E-7A Wedgetail, is in here every second week, a couple of times a day. Chris.
  12. Virgin started flying in Boeing 737-800's starting on the 28th July, 2005. JetStar turned up about a week later with a A319. Both airlines had a daily flight from the south, Virgin from Sydney and JetStar from Melbourne. Virgin was flying daily right up 'till the end of 2020 when the Covid-19 overtook them. 28th July, 2005. https://i.imgur.com/Dou8ok7.jpg
  13. Oh, BTW., I see the real shot from the window of Virgin Australia.
  14. Great shots Gerold. Good to see you back in Australia. I have been trying to show off South America.
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