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  1. Its Saturday here, so I had a mess around with Orchid Beach and the Gippsland Airvans, both RYT and BFS. The airport works OK and the AI fly in and out, on time. The Aussies will get this. While getting YOCB Orchid Beach going, I discovered an "Easter Egg" in the scenery, a bloody Dingo with a baby in its mouth !! . Sick sense of humour, but I did have a good laugh. Here you go. RYT included !
  2. Hi Gerold, Yes, both VH-RYT and VH-BFS are there but they don't go to Fraser Island in the sim. RYT goes over to Bundaburg and back and BFS goes to Cairns (YBCS) and then on to Innisfail (YIFL). I had to de compile Traffic_FTX GA Traffic.bgl to make sure. You can often see BSF at Hervey Bay if you start a flight around midday. Orchid Beach airstrip in the sim is out in the ocean with a water runway. and there is nothing on the beach at Eurong. I think that when I finish my South American adventure, I should make some new .bgl's and fix this situation up and have some planes landing on the beach again. I had all this in FS9. A real life story,, Some years back, one of our summer tropical thunderstorms came through the bay, and before they had time to put RYT in the hanger, the wind picked her up and threw her against the shed wall. Lots of damage. Got some pictures somewhere, a sorry sight. RYT at Hervey Bay. TZR flys up to Lady Elliot Island in the sim OK. The time I took the shots. Chris.
  3. Did you know, this little baby is in Orbx Australia and New Zealand AI traffic packs. Gippsland Airvan Lands on the beach too, at Fraser Island. Chris.
  4. Hi Stewart, I just added a bit more to my post. I was sure I had the problem in FS2009, a crash at 16000 ft between the Sunshine Coast and Hervey Bay, so I looked it up. My memory is not as sharp as it was. Chris. Edit:- I looked it up in my FS9 notes, wasn't as easy to do in FS9 as it was in FSX. Insert one line into the config file, DisableForceCollideDetection = 1
  5. This problem dates back to the release of FSX in 2006. Errors in the coding and the completion of DirectX 10 were never fixed or completed as Microsoft shut down the FSX team and abandoned the project. Experienced Simmers have had "Crash Detection" turned off for the last 14 years to avoid the problem. Unfortunately, the Microsoft errors, short comings in their code have been carried over into P3D, and only Lockheed Martin can fix it as they now have the source code. So, turn off your crash detection and enjoy your flight. Chris. Edit:- I was suspicious so I checked back in the archives, and this same problem existed in FS 2009 A Centenary of Flight. A quick Google search finds the problem dating back to at least May 2004 and discussed in the forums on flightsim.com.
  6. I had a great friend, who has since passed on, who lived at Rancho Mirage. It was about 105 degrees in Palm Springs, so we caught the tramway and played in the snow at the top. Got 35mm slides somewhere, must pull them out and scan them. Great times.
  7. OK, I'm back, got in late Sunday night. Yes, it is Lady Elliot Island, part of the new Australia v2, which is, I believe is payware. I'll have a scratch around and see what else I have, but unfortunately, I did most of my flying, before retirement, on the east coast of the US. BTW, a good fun thread ! Chris.
  8. Here you go, an easy one. I believe it is in Australia v2. I'm off for a couple of days, family get together, be back on Monday. Chris.
  9. YRED, Redcliffe. More than likely on a Smoka5 RNAV approach, "Dabro", "Bekid", "Drain", "Plugg", "Sinnk", to RWY 19 at YBBN !
  10. Just an observation, in one of the movies, after 'being sucked into the ground', and being on the rwy, the outboard wheel trucks remained in the pre touchdown position during roll out. Maybe something to look at. Chris.
  11. Had the same problem with my Hervey Bay. After upgrading client & content, most of my autogen and trees disappeared. To solve this I reinstalled Global Base and everything came back. Chris.
  12. Not sure Nick. But Windows 10 is something I don't want. BTW, I just added another link to my post above. Chris.
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