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  1. Just purchased today and installed. LOVE it! I'm seeing stuff that I didn't expect to see. Very well done. Now Sydney looks like Sydney. Looking forward to an better rendition of the "hand crafted" airport (YSSY).
  2. Problem solved. Didn’t appreciate that FTX Central was obsolete. Have installed Orbx Central and the purchased product has now been installed. Regards, Paul
  3. Dear Support, Just purchased Global TerraFlora for XPlane 11 and was immediately confronted with a “There are no downloads available for this product” message. I’ve downloaded the updated library for XPlane 11 Orbx products. Can you advise how I should proceed please? Regards, Paul
  4. Thanks Graham. This is the final successful solution. I moved the airports after deactivating the mentioned blg files to just below the Orbx library, which is first in my scenery list. I've now resurrected a few small airfields along with Fly Tampa's Sydney airport. Feeling much better now. Thanks to all who provided input into this issue. This issue can now be closed. Regards, Paul
  5. Hi Nick, Firstly, please mark this thread as ACTIVE. The solution isn't right yet. I'm not trying to install anything. I'm just trying to retain airports that existed prior to installing the new AU V2. Objects.bgl sounds a bit drastic to me. I don't want to remove all Orbx objects from the sim. Maybe, direct my query to someone that can assist. Regards, Paul
  6. Thanks Nick, I located three files with YSCN in the name for Camden airfield, under Orbx\FTX_AU\FTX_AUv2_05_Scenery. ADE_FTX_AUS_YSCN.blg ADE_FTX_AUS_YSCN_CVX.blg FTX_AUS_YSCN_objects.blg I renamed them to ".old" files and also checked in the Scenery\World\Scenery folder but didn't find any YSCN files. After FSX updated the scenery on restarting FSX, the new YSCN field appeared but without any buildings. Is there something I missed? Regards, Paul
  7. Thanks Nick, Where do you search for Orbx bgl files? Is this part of the simulator interface, e.g., Scenery Library or the files in Windows folders? If it's the Windows files, how do you disable the files. I checked the Scenery Library but the individual airports aren't listed. Regards, Paul
  8. Thanks Nick, I have previously read through the User Guide and followed the suggestions for installation of the product. I also looked for any recommendations for other products like Fly Tampa Sydney with I own and have disabled the landclass entry in the scenery library. However, this doesn't assist me with Camden airport, which I had developed by one of the Orbx team members (before he worked for Orbx). This airport was produced from many photos I took at the airport while I was getting my PPL, so I'm keen to retain it in the simulator. I've also read the release anouncement, which also doesn't shed any light on my issue. Any further suggestions would be appreciated. Regards, Paul
  9. Dear Support, I purchased and installed the Australia V2 today (Rec: 5cfc5373d2078). I previously owned the earlier version, which I first uninstalled as suggested by FTX Central. The install went as planned and I used the Vector tool to Autoconfigure any elevation data prior to running the simulator. I'm using FSX on Win10. I noticed that Camden (YSCN) had changed from my pre-installed airfield to the one updated by AU2. Also, some other airports have been replaced by AU2. I noticed that If I moved YSCN in the scenery manager to the top of the priority list, I would get back my airport but there are objects from the airport placed there by AU2, e.g., two towers, one from each version of the airfield. How should I proceed in correcting this and restoring other airfields that I wish to preserve? These are still listed in the scenery manager. I suspect scenery priority is part of the solution. Note: I'm having the same issue in P3D but suspect the solution will be similar. Regards, Paul
  10. Hi Doug, I've just upgraded from 4.2 to 4.3 of P3dV4. Performed the usual uninstall and reinstall of the Client, Content and Scenery components. Immediately after, I noticed what appeared like night textures and random blocks of water appearing in the landscape. After reviewing the above, I've moved the only add-on scenery - FlyTampa Sydney to the top of the library. Note: this includes a FlyTampa LClass file also (should it be placed in a different location?). After moving the FlyTampa Scenery I found that elsewhere (other than Sydney), I wasn't getting the problem, however around Sydney, I still had some night textures in the vicinity of YSSY. I also read that I need to reinstall FTX Global and Trees. What about FTX AU Australia and NZ along with all the US, UK etc., areas. Do they need to be reinstalled also? Sounds like a real headache reinstalling most of the Orbx land areas whenever an upgrade occurs to the Sim. Appreciate the support you provide and look forward to tips on moving forward. Regards, Paul
  11. Gotta LUV the Cirrus. Nice looking aircraft with GREAT scenery. What a combination.
  12. Thanks for your feedback guys. My system currently has a 256GB SSD and a 2TB HDD. I initially placed FSX on the SSD - just to experience the speed of the SSD drive. It was OK but I quickly realized I couldn’t restrict my sim to this size drive. So I created partitions for my three sims, I.e., FSX, P3D and XPlane, along with a backup partition then reinstalled FSX on a partition on the 2TB drive and left the SSD for the OS and working files. I found that anything installed on the HDD wasn’t subject to fragmentation unless new content was written, so these drives seldom became fragmented and the performance was high. All work files created by the sims were written to the User areas on the SSD drive, which didn’t become inefficient due to fragmentation. I found this combination to be quite satisfactory and wasn’t to dissimilar to the performance I noticed with all of FSX on my SSD. It stands to reason that SSD drives are more efficient but quite expensive, particularly at the capacities that are of any use to flight simulation application (these days). I will probably buy another high speed HDD with the best capacity I can afford and see if I can use virtual folders to point to the new drive to support the additional capacity and still maintain the folder structure on the original drive. Flight simulation is getting more complex but the benefits for those willing to go the distance is worthwhile. Regards, Paul
  13. I’ve purchased a great deal of your scenery add-ons and was excited to try out the new Dutch scenery but even though I have what I would normally consider plenty of space, I don’t have enough to support the new scenery. I fear many might be in my shoes and can’t take advantage of the new scenery. I’ve already had to upgrade from a 1TB system to a 2TB one, just to support all my Orbx scenery. I have FSX, P3DV4 and Xplane11. I will eventually move away from FSX but am still waiting on my favourite plane to be redeveloped for P3d. I’m so glad you are now supporting XPlane as I feel XPlane might represent the future of flight simulation.
  14. Hi guys, just wanted to add my feedback on Orbx’s toe dipping into the XPlane environment. I’ve been a long time customer of Orbx products even back to the Vista days with FS9 and what John has done to further the enjoyment of flight simulation is outstanding. I continue to enjoy the scenery for FSX and lately P3dV4 and in more recent times, have enjoyed the performance I get using Orbx scenery in VR, using an Oculus Rift. I appreciate the future is in the 64bit platform and as a result purchased both P3d (mainly for the Orbx scenery free upgrades - thanks John) along with XPlane 11, which has earned much respect with this implementation of the platform. XPlane hasn’t released a VR version yet but at the time if this reply, the VR beta version is amazingly good and quite stable. As a simmer from the very early days Sinclair XZ81 and Apple II+, Meigs field was introduced to us as a base for our flying. It held many memories and Orbx’s release of the FSX and P3d versions was such an experience to those that used to fly around in such a stylised pixelated environment. I always thought XPlane 11 did an amazing job out of the box regarding scenery and with options like Ortho4XP etc, wondered what could improve the scenery. Well, I had to try Orbx’s first entry into the world of XPlane and must say, I wasn’t disappointed. Orbx has shown that they can improve what we have in XPlane, adding to the immersion of flight in a specific area. One area of concern was VR flying, as VR takes a big hit on performance. I can say that flying around Chicago in Orbx scenery I get good performance in XPlane (and this is still beta). I’m very happy that Orbx has ventured into the XPlane environment. I have thoroughly enjoyed the brilliant scenery that has been produced for FSX and P3d and am hopeful that Orbx’s contribution to XPlane will further enhance peoples experience with this platform. Thanks to John and the team for continuing to offer us improvements to our virtual flying world. Regards, Paul
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