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  1. If it works that's great. It depends what Orbx sceneries you are using. Vector usually causes problems with UTX and Open Land Class does the same as UTX for terrain files. I have had both installed for different areas but got duplicate roads when they were in the same place. If you have problems you can always move the files up or down and see what happens. Larry
  2. Because they both do the same thing, I would have one or the other but not both. You could try UTX below Orbx but may still get some conflicts. Larry
  3. Have to agree with Ken. The Mooney is great. I have one with ferry tanks so can do longer flights. As for B, too bad you said nonstop or I would have gone with the Mooney too. If nonstop I would have to go with the Concorde. Larry
  4. Grant McConachie: Built a small bush pilot operation in the Yukon into a major international airline. Larry
  5. I've always had trouble with turbo-props. Seem overly complicated compared to straight jets. I've flown the Cessna Caravan some but have avoided King Airs for this reason. Don't have too much trouble with 737's which are the most common larger planes I fly. Larry
  6. Always fun to read and I comment when I have something to say. Often makes me think about what is important in life. Larry
  7. Very difficult. I fly the Mooney Bravo a lot as it is good for sight-seeing but if I could only have one it would have to be a 737 - currently I fly the I-Fly version but have also used PMDG's previously. Larry
  8. Occasionally comment but often have nothing to add. Larry
  9. I don't even have a mobile phone. Had one for years (since 1987) but hardly used it so cancelled. This is as close as I get to social media - seems like a big time waster. I do use Wikipedia and Google Maps a lot. Larry
  10. I mostly use P3Dv4. My computer probably can't handle anything newer and it runs much better than FSX. Have considered newer versions or MSFS but haven't got there yet. If it ain't broke . . . Larry
  11. We have purchased a couple of cat beds over the years but a couple of 9 by 13 inch envelope boxes on a table by the window are still their favorite sleeping spots. Larry
  12. Hi Ken: We have two operating steam locomotives and actually operate them double headed during Railway Days in the summer. As operator agents we also hoop orders up to the trains when we are in the stations. Fortunately we have a couple of members of the telegraph club who worked for the local telephone company at one time so they keep the equipment operating. A lot of obscure technical details that we need to know to make it operate between stations. Larry
  13. I also spend a couple of days a week during the summer at Calgary's Heritage Park doing telegraphy. We have a circuit set up between 2 stations with a third available if we get enough people. Just learned the telegraph in the last 2 years but most of us are able to send and receive messages now. We also have one member and a couple of other mentors who worked on the railways as telegraph operators. We are in costume and explain the importance of the "Victorian Internet". Larry
  14. Model trains as well. A large layout that covers most of the basement. I get inspiration a couple of times a year and will work on it for a few weeks but eventually end up back upstairs flying. Probably spend most of the time rearranging track; Maybe I will get some scenery done one day. Larry
  15. Aircraft park directly in line with the apron link from the last taxi point to the parking spot. You can adjust the apron links in ADE to get the aircraft to park the way you want. Larry
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