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  1. When flying the 737 my favorite is CYLW Kelowna. Great RNP approaches and departures in a narrow valley. When flying a Mooney VFR it is hard to pick there are so many choices. Larry
  2. If your airport is above the FTX Global Airports on the scenery list it should not need the Global airports to be disabled. If you find you need to there are 3 files for each airport: ADE_FTX_FTXG_Name.bgl ADE_FTX_FTXG_Name_CVX.bgl and FTX_FTXG_Name_objects.bgl Rename the files with an off instead of bgl and this will disable the airport. If you need to re-enable them change it back to bgl. Larry P.S. some smaller airports don't have the object file.
  3. I like detailed exteriors (Where we operate our aircraft). Correct runways, taxiways, and parking are essential if using real world charts. Some variation in the runway and taxiway surfaces also adds interest. Some clutter helps the illusion of reality but it does not need to be overdone. Building interiors are not necessary and often lead to performance problems. Of course it is impossible to keep up with all the changes at real world airports but most are reasonably close if recently done. I usually fly jets so correct gate parking is important. Larry
  4. During University I worked surveying in the summer. After graduation I ended up working surveying for several engineering companies for about 8 years. I was laid off because of a recession and started working as a courier. I did this for 23 years including about 3 as an air courier where I flew between Calgary and Edmonton every weekday. I also worked in the warehouse loading semi trailers at night. I retired but worked part time as a travel insurance agent. I also did some scenery work for Orbx during this time. Now back to being retired which gives me more time for flight simulation. Larry
  5. It's been a while but I like the Tiger Moth. Very aerobatic considering the low power and the lack of brakes takes some getting used to. Larry
  6. I usually fly the I Fly 737 700, most commonly CYYC to CYVR. I also occasionally fly to Europe with a fuel stop in CYFB. Also slowly covering all the Westjet routes from YYC. Larry
  7. Just returned from Alaska and we saw porpoises, whales, sunfish, sharks, salmon, and lots of eagles. Near where we live there are deer, coyotes, moose, elk, porcupines and bobcats. Larry
  8. I don't usually look at info for places I have flown to but often fly routes I am going to take on vacation. This includes actual airline routes to our destination and since we cruise a lot I fly the cruise line route low and slow usually both before and after our trip. Larry
  9. I spent a lovely hour in Langley on Friday - on the freeway heading for Vancouver. We went to a wedding so did drink lots of liquids on Saturday. Larry
  10. It's been hot here (high 20C to low 30C) and sometimes smoky. Lots of thunderstorms the last couple of weeks. Larry
  11. About 40 miles west the front ranges of the Rockies stretch of in both directions as far as you can see. Never get tired of that view. Larry
  12. Usually use live weather, but if I am just sight seeing in a small plane I will turn off live weather and fly under clear skies. If the weather is reasonably clear I leave the live weather on all the time. When flying the 737 I always use live weather - you can always do a Cat III landing if you need to. Larry
  13. I use P3Dv4. I did have FSX on a previous computer but did not install on the new one I just got. P3D seems to work better than FSX with similar scenery. I also know how to create and modify airports for it and have a lot of scenery and planes so not a big incentive to change. I may try MSFS now that I have a computer that can handle it but am quite happy with the way P3D works especially with True Earth. I have considered version 5 but it is different enough to require a lot of work on the airports to make them compatible. I also like the 2D cockpit on the IFly 737 so changing to a virtual cockpit is not a big priority at the current time. Larry
  14. 1. 747F 2. Super Constellation 3. Concorde 4. Any Mooney 5. Twin Otter 6. Boeing 314 Clipper 7. Turbo Otter
  15. Hello. I post occasionally but only if I have something to say. Larry
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