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  1. Yes, we got that Rongor. Well, most of us did, I'm sure .
  2. The reason they look similar is that both the True Earth series and the MSFS2020 landscape has taken a giant leap forwards towards visual reality. When MSFS 2020 was announced, it took everyone by surprise. Nobody (outside of the development circle) saw it coming, and that includes the CEO of Orbx (by his own admission). As the 'True Earth' series was at that time already in production, by simple deduction, it can be seen that the two things are indeed separate entities.
  3. Nobody has categorically stated that "there will be no seasons", have they? What they HAVE said is that its something they are looking to implement if the demand is high enough, and if they do it at all, they want to do it PROPERLY. As one of the devs stated, "Orange trees are NOT seasons". Quite how serious they were about the flocks of birds migrating North, or South is unknown, but judging by their passion, I wouldn't be at all surprised! And...as has been pointed out, the data for animal migratory habits is out there! Maybe they were smiling, but not really joking. Personally, I couldn't give a damn about seasons in their current flight sim form. However, if they are done with the enthusiasm and attention to detail that Asobo are evidently bringing to the table, I might be converted yet. Did they mention Polar bears and AI Snow-ploughs? I think they did. As for VR...well, it is a high priority. They've said as much. The development team LOVES VR, we have heard as much (from the horses mouth), and whilst it might not make the release, they do seem fairly committed to bringing VR to MSFS 2020, once they've got it right! I've not yet used VR. I'm looking forwards to it, other than harbouring some vague trepidation about not being able to go back to monitor flying once I've experienced it! Subscription? Where is the definitive evidence that MSFS 2020 will be subscription based? I'm not saying there isn't any, but everything I've seen so far (from the development team) seems to suggest that 'game pass' is confirmed, to allow people to try it, but......beyond that, they are unsure/non committal? The devs have stated that they themselves aren't really in favour of it, one dev saying "that the community will want what they are used to", and yet another suggesting it will be available for outright purchase. Simply saying "it LOOKS LIKELY that MSFS 2020 will be subscription based" is just an opinion, which MAY become fact, or may not. If someone could post a link to a statement (written interview or video) from the development team, then that would of course clarify. Again, personally, if its subscription based, its all fine and dandy by me. What is clear, (rather unsurprisingly) is that the resistance/negativity towards MSFS 2020 by 'some' simmers is proportionate to the investiture they have in P3D, rather than forged from the announcements and visual content in the weekly videos. 'Sometimes'..... the same individuals that were ridiculing us FSX users for living in the dark ages with out outdated dinosaur sims! Well, they aren't laughing now ! Suck it up boys, its coming! It IS coming! .
  4. I'm VERY excited about this new Microsoft Flight Simulator! My PC is old, and by today's standards, it is very under-powered! However, I've always preferred photoscenery over landclass type scenery, and without autogen, my antiquated machine handles THAT, with anything A2A or PMDG throws at it REALLY well! I've slowly been moving away from GA, and more towards the likes of the 737, and as I have most of Europe, as well as vast tracts of America represented in payware and freeware photoreal, 'continuity' has never been an issue. I can fly from Edinburgh to Corfu or the Canary Islands without even glimpsing 'LandClass'. I run it all in FSX, and hadn't felt a need to upgrade my PC or platform..............until the showcasing of Orbx 'True Earth'. Having wanted to experience VR for quite some time, I had to reevaluate. I needed a new 'performance' gaming PC, and a new simulator platform. I was pretty set on X-Plane 11 with True Earth, and July was going to herald this 'new dawn'. And then came THAT trailer . Don't get me wrong. That True Earth stuff looks the Daddy! But, flying from the UK in a 737 would (at this time) be a little restrictive if nothing less that True Earth would do. At first, I thought short hops from the UK to Holland would suffice, but THAT trailer has brought me to my senses! Its a BIG world out there, and I want to see it! Of course, we don't yet know what the ground imagery between the satellite areas in MFS 2020 will look like, but i suspect it will integrate pretty seamlessly. It will take Orbx a VERY long time to churn out THAT much True Earth, but i'm not burning my bridges just yet. True Earth is a labour of love, I understand that. It takes time, I understand that too, but this new 2020 Tech just has that 'window to the future' feel for me. What I DO know is that my replacement PC is on hold, and all flight simulator purchases suspended until the release of MFS 2020. Then, (and only then), I will revisit the options.
  5. Hi Mac. For what its worth, the HIGHMEMFIX=1 entry goes in the [GRAPHICS] section of your cfg. I didn't know what actual effect it has, which is why I put the "?", but its just one of those entries all FSX users have considered mandatory over the years . I just thought it was a memory related thing, but evidently not. Still, stick the little bugger in anyway, as apparently it will help with loading textures .
  6. I'm not sure HOW much it helps, but in FSX, you need to add HIGHMEMFIX=1 in your CFG (unless you already have). It won't cure your VAS issues, but might give you a few more nautical miles before crashing out!?
  7. For me, given the two options outlined by JV above, I'd purchase the "LOD 15 Summer" version. I use non seasonal photoreal almost exclusively, so (a) I'm kind of used to seeing the world depicted in one season, and (b), even when I do use landclass scenery, I tend to use 'summer' anyway. Having said that, the option to later add a 'season pack' would possibly entice me to purchase it. I'd rather see additional True Earth Regions, CityScapes, States and Island Chains given more resources initially, with the introduction of optional 'Winter', 'Fall' (etc) packs (at LOD 15) a few years down the line to rejuvenate the excitement! Maybe that is naïve, impractical or unrealistic, but True Earth Summer EU is already more than I (personally) could have wished for, so I'd be happy to grab it, then move to one side whilst the developers stretched their wings over pastures new, (like True Earth Balearics 'Summer LOD 15' for my NGX) .
  8. Absolutely! Living in Norfolk throughout the 1980s was a great time for an aviation enthusiast anyway. The A10 'Warthogs' were (seemingly) always overhead! The Victors and Canberras were a daily sight, and then you had the F-111's inbound to Lakenheath and the Lightnings from Coltishall. So, the Mildenhall Air-Fetes were undeniably brilliant, but I was there more for the 1940s warbirds! I'd wonder why photographers were getting so animated at the sight of yet another A-10 Thunderbolt, but I guess I'd just gotton too familiar with the sight and sound of them! The things I REALLY loved about the Air-Fete (besides the Lancaster and 'Sally-B)...were: The Vulcan standing on its tail, with your internal organs reverberating inside your rib cage!, the German Starfighters, the Harrier Jump Jet hovering, then slowly crabbing along the flight-line, 'bowing' to the spectators. The F-27 Fokker Friendship demonstrating its engine out capabilities, and the C130 showing off its short landing and cargo deployment abilities to name just a few. Just a few memories from what was an amazing annual event! There was talk of a swan-song in the form of a final airshow prior to Mildenhall's eventual closure. I don't know if there is any substance to it, but if it comes off, it'll be a bit busy won't it?!
  9. Now you are talking! There is a forum thread somewhere on which an ex US serviceman tells how those burgers were 'sauced up'. Apparently, it was any available BBQ sauce, but the vital ingredient was beer! They'd thin the sauce with Schlitz beer, then sit the burgers and sauce in a hot tray over heat. The beer would evaporate over time, so they'd just thin it down with more beer! I like the American's way of thinking! Yes, living in Brandon at the time, the Blackbird was not quite a 'familiar' sight, but certainly something we saw climbing out of and descending into Mildenhall a few times. I was speaking to the ex Blackbird pilot/author at Duxford a couple of years ago, and he said Mildenhall was his favourite posting. Maybe he was being polite. Schlitz beer? Now there is a blast from the past. I haven't seen that here in the UK for years! We do have a local 'Beers of the world' emporium, so maybe I'll check it out!
  10. My problem is, I was so young when we started doing hops from the UK to Holland, I haven't got a clue as to what we were actually flying in! My first real vivid memory (circa 1960's) was clambering into a BEA Vickers Viscount. I treasured the 'flight bag' my dad bought for me for a very long time! The second memory is that of being reassured that the Aviation Traders 'Carvair' being loaded up with vehicles at Southend Airport, REALLY would be able to fly. That was a relief, because we'd be getting on it! I remember it landing at Ostend in Belgium, and then continuing on to Eindhoven (unless that's some kinda distorted recall)? Then (1970s) came the DC3 era. Yes, I realise that most airlines had retired their fleet by then, but Air Anglia, based at Norwich Airport had a few examples, and Norwich to Schiphol became a regular route for us. Cockpit visits for us kids was fairly routine, and an anticipated part of the flight. THEN came the day when (standing on the viewing terrace at Schiphol) we gazed across the apron, anticipating our yellow, white and black Dakota, only to see a yellow, white and black 'thing' called a F-27 Fokker Friendship. What a high pitched screech of a trip back to blighty THAT was! I blame my bloody tinnitus on those Dart engines! The last 'classic' I remember flying in was a Dan Air BAC-111 from Gatwick to Alicante in the 1980s. Everything since has been a bit lacking in charisma .
  11. I'm usually WAY too impatient to sit through flight sim videos without fast forwarding, or abandoning them altogether. The video here was actually really relaxing to watch, thanks! . Bloody hell I envy your cockpit!
  12. If you are taking requests Iain, could you manage a shot or two around Eindhoven?. Okay, so its not the prettiest town in the Netherlands, but it has got a very special significance for me, and I would like to see how the airport looks with the surrounding landscape. Lets face it, I'm going to buy it anyway, but just if you get time. Cheers.
  13. This does look pretty incredible! FSX probably can't handle it (in terms of VAS), and my current PC can't handle anything other than FSX, so it will definitely be upgrade time if I'm to invest in these True Earth titles (I will be). I was just wondering (in regards to the UK airfields). Development of several proposed airfields for EU England was stopped due to sales falling short of expectations. Welshpool was later finished in the hope it might rekindle interest, but presumably sales were less than inspiring? Its early days of course, but apart from the existing UK airfields getting ported over to True Earth FS2 & X-Plane, are there any other gems similar to Barton in the pipeline? I know Cambridge and Old Buckenham were once on the radar for EU England.
  14. To add to the positive reception, I have to say that those screenshots depict the sort of in-sim scenery I've always hoped for, but never really believed could happen. To think that England, Scotland, Ireland and Germany are also on the cards is pretty exciting stuff! I'm going to cut down on the pies, exercise more and drink less than excessively so that I might enjoy it for longer! If the ships are static models placed upon photographic wake, then that's fine by me! I've never been a fan of "ai" wake anyway, and its not like container ships move that rapidly. If they are ai models, then bloody hell! Of course, the benefits for 'low and slow' are quite obvious. However, once we have the addition of the UK, Ireland and even Germany, its going to open up some great routes for the 737 jockeys amongst us, and scenery as realistic as that portrayed is going to have a significant immersion appeal, regardless of what aircraft we have strapped to our arses! The only real decision I'm now having to make is what platform to upgrade to (I'm a longstanding FSX user). I can appreciate that FSX could soon hit the VAS ceiling with such hyper-detailing, so I'm guessing a 64 bit sim will be pretty desirable for anyone (such as myself) eager to embrace these True Earth sceneries as they become available.
  15. You'll 'probably' like Walter Sutton's private strip. It has to be the ultimate 'back home' airstrip, because in order to land there, you'd probably have to live there! . It has such a great atmosphere, and (if memory serves me right), it isn't THAT far from Bowerman? Actually, I just Google Earthed it, and its about 70 nm. I've had the A2A cub based there in a weathered cockpit texture, and now the A2A C172, again with a weathered cockpit texture, and Walter Sutton's just seems made for those planes in those worn liveries!
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