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  1. Ohh wow, I haven't known that with the product Map. Thats really interesting! Thanks for the info! And I will try the FreemeshX! Thanks again!
  2. I have noticed some strange Terrain issues in the vicinity of CYMA. There are some cones etc. I'm not sure, if this is LC NA or from Northern Rockies, Pacific Fjords, Pacific Southwest or Southern Alaska. By the way: It would be nice, so have a Map, where the borders of the named sceneries are visible.
  3. Hey guys, I have the problem, that ORBX Vector for P3D v4 stutters really hard at EGSQ Airport. it does not matter, if I'm on the runway or flying in an airliner in 30.000ft. Please have a look at my video: Can you please tell me, how to deactivate the Vector - .bgl file for this region? Or do you have a different solution for this?
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