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  1. zinj


    Sorry, It's P3D4.5 HF2 with Cityscape Honolulu in the distance.
  2. Thanks a lot guys ! For the view from below, it was a shot of the Orbx store that gave me the idea... Cheers zinj
  3. In other words, a small flight in Fokker 50 from Bilbao to Asturias. Two little gems of airports ! Thanks a lot for the very good job ! Cheers zinj
  4. Thanks a lot Iain ! Thank you very much to everyone who voted for the correct number ! And thank you also to all the others for their participation and their efforts to always give stunning shots to feed my eye. Cheers ! zinj Edit : And I forgot to thank the whole Orbx team for their fantastic work ... and this prize
  5. Thanks a lot Henk for this link. I have been waiting for a long time to find my favorite helicopter on P3D ! And a great set of shots ! Cheers zinj
  6. During a short flight between Santa Barbara and Oceano. Cheers ! zinj
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