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  1. There's a nice little heliport inside the Kremlin walls (on Nicks first image on the upper right corner just west of the bridge) where you should be able to takeoff with the Savage Carbon (I managed it, but didn't try to land there yet).
  2. > Plenty of room!!! That's what I thought too when sight-flying the Thames - and then: bang! Crashed against an invisible wall on the Tower Bridge. I assume you also did?
  3. Took a flight over the city to check the updated landmarks. Live weather was exactly as I imagine typical british winter weather. Got no VFR clearance, so I filed an IFR flight plan from EGLC to EGLL (which is a joke using the Icon which doesn't even have a variometer), and just ignored the ATC requesting me to go to FL140 . Approaching Heathrow, suddenly the mist cleared and gave a great look back to the London skyline. I was overwhelmed by the density and quality of landmark buildings, and most of all by the smooth performance this sim delivered in such a complex scenery. All MSFS glitches aside this is really a sim with a great future.
  4. Indeed, the ships look nice and were much missed. A word of caution: Please be aware off possible stutters/hangs when you have the AI ships active. I also installed them, and read Henrik Nielsen comments (on pilote-virtuel.com) about his progress in the conversion of the package to MSFS. Two main problems are: a lot of models have (at least some) texture files in BMP format which is not being used by MSFS (must be converted to DDS, leading to stutters and ships with missing textures. I don't know if the missing json files normally accompanying every texture file are also problamatic. The second problem which causes hangs and severe stutters on my system ist that changing the time in the sim (or even just the weather source) leads to a recalculation of an new positioning of all AI ships which obviously takes some time during whick the sim is stutterung and freezing.
  5. I confess that yesterday I touched P3D4 the first time since June, as I spent all sim time with MSFS. As I'm a strictly low'n slow prop flyer all the autopilot and FMC issues in MSFS didn't bother me much. I get the illusion to really fly a plane just much more often now, as lighting, aerodynamics and scenery are much more believable. Last week I bought a new RTX2080super and upgraded to 32 GB RAM (MSFS has stable > 30 fps now with most sliders a high or ultra, CPU usage belwo 70%), and wanted to know how it works with the old tech. Rised the LOD radius to ultra, scenery complexity and draw distance to very high, most other settings at max, and guess what: loading takes longer than with MSFS, and with the default Mooney Acclaim I got 15 fps on the apron at KLAX. First CPU core was at 100%, GPU bored at 20%, used only 4 GB of RAM! Steering the aircraft also felt much less agile as in MSFS. In one word, it was disappointing. I'll try and delete the P3D.cfg to see if that helps, but basically as P3D builds on very outdated technology, I could imagine to delete P3D as soon as Asobo brings some helicopters and hopefully also gliders and reals thermals into MSFS.
  6. Second shot has more convincing haze towards horizon. If you increase saturation a little bit, it would be perfect for me.
  7. Thanks Eugene and team also from me! Finally I have some motivation for flying this challlenging and beautiful continent. My first flights in tropical africa were really adventurous - admiring the landscape between Nairobi and Kilimanjaro I didn't pay attention to the Twotter's turbine temperature readings and lost one engine - that with a full load of tourists and ascending in hot air. Next flight from Addis Ababa into the western mountains I headed into severe thunderstorms (that seem to be there very ften in the afternoon and were some clouds with light rain when I started), so it was a nice fight to get the bird down in one piece. Next time I'll fly in the morning when it's still calm.
  8. Yes, they are great!! The greatest surf effect ever. Thank you Larry for that. I just hadn't the time to try out the actual ferries, but admired your wakes in a rainy Irish coast setting (checking out the new PrecipitFX).
  9. If you are interested in a Lancair Legacy, try the one from Real Air. It works well within P3D4.5.
  10. The problem with wrong textures on airport building exists NOT only with REX airports - I don't have this addon and since the installation of buildings HD I get strange roof textures and side textures resembling shopping mall windows on many airports. If screenshots are needed I will search.
  11. Bump! Also, there should be a fix for the airport buildings that have wrong textures after Buildings HD installation - it was mentioned elsewhere that it's recognized and must be patched.
  12. I think Dominique got it. I yesterday checked if my Turbine Duke behaves nicely and had to lower the condition lever from flight to ground idle to prevent the aircraft from rolling with throttle at idle. Must have to do with the settings of my standard flight (piston engine) - if you change the A/C to turboprop it's just not the right settings. It would be a good idea to set up a real "cold an dark" standard flight.
  13. Thanks a lot, Scott - 4k seems a bit too much for me too, even the needed 4 GB on the SDD could be used better for other scenery files. So, would it be possible to choose already during installation which max. resolution one wants to have?
  14. Hi Nick, surely there's a house that looks like that, from which the photo was taken. But it seems unlikely to me that all 1-2 storey houses in the region C should look the same. Furthermore, a huge garage door at two adjacent sides of a house (one example in dabbas first screenshot) looks ridiculous. As I wrote above, this is until now my single critcs of this otherwise great product.
  15. Hi Nick, aside from the special problems of dabba, I would like to see the autogen sheet bldc2.dds fixed, as the textures for small houses in this sheet are all nearly the same strange garages, creating very repetitive looking neighbourhoods - dabba's first and last screenshot shows it, and you even have one showcase screenshot in https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/175175-buildings-hd-requested-areas-and-more/ I like the whole buildings HD package very much, but this one texture sheet does not match your otherwise high quality standard. Kind regards
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