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  1. Hi @Finni Hansen thanks for your reply. Indeed, i don't know what i've seen but i was 100% sure (I've made some tests and the ground seemed corrupted). Today, re-activating the BGLs after your message i didn't notice any difference. My bad, sorry, didn't know what happened :O. Thanks for the confirmation about the small configurator which will be inserted in Central. Also understood what you mean for the dynamic lights colors. Indeed they are really similar to the ones you have put in ENTO. Thanks again, I'll looking forward for the update and maybe in another Scandinavian/Finnish airport for the Sim Cheers
  2. Hello, and thanks to @Finni Hansen for bringing Sandefjord to P3DV4 and V5. I've noted the following things and if possibile a feedback would be appreciated in order to understand if it was my setup or a "scenery issue" 1) Through the Configurator in FTX Central isn't present the ENTO Configuration Tool, is it correct? 2) Launching a flight in ENTO i've seen compatibility terrain issues with FTX Norway. I've solved them disabling the following files in FTX Norway folder, are they correct? The first one seemed disabled by ENTO setup. The problems seem resolved. 3) There isn't a proper way through the config to disable to static aircraft. Solved manually disabled 737RYR.bgl and ento_q400.bgl both to *.off. 4) Dynamic lights seems (but maybe it's only my impression) too yellow. Is it possible to bring them more natural (more white) Cheers and regards
  3. Amazing work and previews. Can't Wait to fly to Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan having the proper landclasses. Release, Release, Release
  4. Hi @Finni Hansensorry for the delay, tested and it seems completely solved from my side Thanks, looking forward for the official release through central!
  5. Hi @Finni Hansenthanks for that I'll give it a go tomorrow evening! Cheers and thanks!
  6. @Rasha Tucakov@Nick Cooper hello any feedback on the inverted sign in LDRI?
  7. @Finni HansenHi Finni, any update on this issue? Cheers Stefano
  8. @Ed Correia Hi Ed, i've written a quick Email to info@orbxsystems.com
  9. Hello @Ed Correia in a Orbx Partner Page, I've seen that Bodo is still on going with a FS2020 Screenshot on which the dev. is working on. After more than three years, considering that the FS2020 version has been confirmed, can we expect a version for Prepar3D V4/V5 too and not only for FS2020? Thanks for your cooperation
  10. @Jarrad Marshalli take the opportunity since the post has been "resumed". Are there plans to make KTEX available for P3DV5?
  11. @Ed Correia thanks, as usual for your prompt and kind feedback. If the product won't be available for P3D would be a pity. At least, with all the work done, maybe someone else in your big team can provide it to P3DV4/P3DV5. I'm continuing keep my fingers crossed. I can't imagine to not get the ENBO scenery for the sim after that preview!!
  12. @Ed Correia Sorry again for the message, I've waited about 6 more months, any news on Bodo? It's a pity that an airport (almost finished on what has been previewed) it has completely disappeared. Just to understand if i should continue hoping for a release or closing definitively it. I know that your past previews were only an indication on the Work In Progress, but i desperately waiting for a lot of time (like others in the forum) for that amazing airport. Thanks for your understanding, enjoy your week
  13. @Finni Hansen roger, in case you need me for some tests just let me know, it would be a pleasure
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