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  1. Hello Joe, I agree that your opinion is yours, my opinion is mine, the decision of Orbx (the free copy), the decision of Orbx ... Whoever gets it is not why the forum wrote ... We always learn a lot from each other here. I certainly! But, I really hope that Orbx also learns what and how it shouldn't have been in this LKPR, for example ..., what and how in the future differently ... The fact that P3D may be in 2 months ... Hmm. I'm just smiling at this and I'm sad ... As with the fact that P3D has already released releases, they will not receive any fixes or updates ... I have already written, not only does the MSFS simulator exist ... There was, there is still a "paid" demand for P3D ... And, it has been written by many, not just me, could be paid for previous editions to develop, improve ... That's what Orbx thinks ...!? Oh well. Everyone leans towards their own platform ... The "direction" of Orbx, I don't know, I just guess from the releases ... We'll see. Said the blind man. And, he hasn't seen anything since. Regards, Peter
  2. Hi everyone I just read the sudden many posts ... I wrote a lot on the forum, in several places and times, interested in LKPR. True, I am using P3D V5.xx ... I see the P3D version coming out after that ... so I'm not even asking. I feel like no one spoke roughly in the forum ... Yes, and it's a good idea that we contribute to the operation of Orbx with our purchases ... The excellent products of Orbx, however, make us happy ... It's so somewhere "reciprocal" ... Yes, I hope Orbx learned the lack of communication, how to take things in the wrong direction ... Making communication "funny", see John, and his supposed to be very funny (P3DV5 forum / Acapulco) has hurt more than used ... In the end, I don't think anyone here did a free copy ... I think whoever got it can also wait and pay. That, again, was a bad Orbx move ... I wish all MSFS users a great experience! And, we P3DV5.xx users, who also contributed a lot of purchases to the successful operation of Orbx, and then "wait", even we can get ... Years, months, weeks ...? Wishing everyone the best! Peter (I used a translator, but I think it's understandable ... (?)
  3. Hi, An interesting question is when ... And, this is just the MSFS release ... Where else is the P3D version ...!? Another 14 months? Good work, time needed! But this much !? I read in the previous post about a turtle race ... I rather feel and it's like the Orbx and a turtle are competing ... Now, it looks like the turtle is about to win ... Oh, and we can't really know the reasons why we still don't ... Regards, Peter
  4. Hi, I have a short question. Stockholm Bromma ESSB not making P3D V5.xx? Maybe I read in Orbx 2021 Roadmap that it will be P3D Maybe Marcus, can you tell me more about this ... (?) Thanks and regards, Peter
  5. Thanks Orbx! Now I can see the information, on Upcoming Products LKPR/ P3D v4+ Best regards, Peter
  6. Hi, I would like to make one more "small" comment. On the Products / Europe / Simulator / FSX / P3D page, there was LKPR upcoming product status back in the week. Now, it's deleted from there. Whoever deleted this, and "officially", would not have been "correct" to give some information on the forum to those who, as I wrote, have been waiting a long time, waiting for LKPR ...? (Also for P3Dxx version!) So, that would be expected of Orbx ...! I didn't think of an exact date now. Maybe I think these are wrong !? If anyone supports me in seeing me, I'd ask them to "+1" ... Thank you and greetings Peter
  7. Hi Orbx & Everyone, One of my eyes is crying, the other is laughing ... Today I saw new pictures uploaded to the upcoming products page at LKPR Airport. I was very happy about that. But! Only for a very short time, For a long, very long time there were very initial images out there and that P3D V4 + ... And now! Microsoft Flight Simulator only! The recently released: Orbx - Prague Airport | Microsoft Flight Simulator + Prepar3D v4 + [Official Trailer] There, P3D too! Sadly, I would like to ask and ask for information on how it will be then. Will it be or not P3D ... version !? Maybe, after that, it’s not such a “difficult question” that Orbx wouldn’t be able to answer that. I would just like to indicate, and still be, what I have described several times: Not only MSFS is in the simulator world !!! The information may not be special and unfulfilled requests. For my part, I use P3DV5.2. I think there are still a lot of us doing this so that ... So by the end the big question. Will there be an LKPR P3DV5.xx version too !? Thank you, and on behalf of everyone, if we can get some "official" answer to this. All the best and regards, Peter
  8. Be so! I look forward to it, and everyone who is looking forward to this airport ... (and, of course, P3D ...) Regards, Peter
  9. Hi Everyone, Really, I don’t write much on the subject. Coincidentally, I found a reference to the Orbx 2021 roadmap, a post: "I already spotted the trailer for Prague on Facebook / YT, the product seems to be ready ?! But the product page is outdated and also there is no topic yet?" Of course, you didn't get an answer to that either ... Very big silence Orbx, Havant Studio ... And, of course, John doesn't answer right now (something funny again ...) And, dear Nick, don't you have an opinion on that yet ...? Check out the Orbx Upcoming Products page and LKPR. No "shame" this "modesty" is outdated, and who knows how many months of information ...? Nick, you know I'm not asking for an exact date about the release of LKPR ... However, I would ask why this negative discrimination is LKPR airport, and of course the silence ... (you should see how many people have read this comment ...) I’m not even talking about how many places I read about Orbx, it hardly takes into account that P3D even exists. There are almost no new airports or upgrades (eg PBR ...) Even now, Orbx forgets that when we bought a large number of P3D products, it came in handy for the company, and now, they don't count on us anymore. Is that correct? I'm just saying the MFS, which is now a "good deal", has a very and amazing graphics, but the airplanes air file, a "game" ... I say this as a PPL pilot and a simulator using a built in B737-800 cockpit. (ProSim737) Thanks for reading any of the "competent" ... Listening is also an opinion ... Welcoming everyone! Peter
  10. Hi, This picture is thought-provoking ... You must think of a similar thing, even John ... The "silence" became very big We don't get "good" thoughts Nick ... We don't get "funny" sentences John ... And, I believed what Joe wrote after the release of the official trailer for LKPR: "I'm guessing it's a lot closer than we think " One thing we left "stable" And, this is the pictures of LKPR on the Orbx upcoming products page, where, as I wrote, "time has stopped" ... Strange that this airport, why has it received so much "scant attention ...? A professional video was made and there is no valuable picture above of how the airport is evolving ... Date of publication, understandable, cannot be determined ... But the images depicting the rudimentary states are still and only on the page, I can't quite identify with the sophistication of Orbx ... I guess John, it doesn't depend on the boys still "resting" in Acapulco ... Greetings to everyone! Peter
  11. Hi Rob, I maximally agree with what you described ...! I think Nick understands ... For my part, I also spent a lot on Orbx products, P3DVxxx Sure, now MSFS is the "good deal" ... and no longer the P3DV 5.2 I use for example. MSFS is very nice! Beautiful! But it's well known that airplanes, they're not very "lifelike", so well, "game" ... isn't really a simulator ... For my part, I use a built-in cockpit, a pretty sophisticated one. With ProSim737 software. As long as the interaction between MSFS and ProSim is not completely professional, I will stay with P3Dv5.2, possibly later, 5.3 And, there are still many of us who would be happy to update the airports that have already been released. Both in terms of content and technology ... A little, I feel like you bought it, yours, use it, "hi." I think maybe Orbx could think about that, too ... Rob and Nick! Greetings to you! Peter
  12. Hi John, This is interesting. I’m still in Acapulco, too, and I was wondering where I could find the people at Orbx. They were not found. I think they have already prepared the appearance of LKPR airport with the colleagues of Havant Studio ... Is this a joke or serious ...? I understand the joke, but in this case, "I don't like" ... And, I don't understand the contrast I see on the "Upcoming Products" page of the very professional Official Trailer, produced by AviationLads, and even now ... I would consider this an unpretentious display on the visible page, and it is far from characterizing Orbx releases ... Well, I don't understand that either. And, yes, Nick. I know Orbx strives for maximum quality. I'm a pretty old buyer of expenses ... I still look forward to the look! So, I shared some thoughts while "waiting" ... Welcoming everyone Peter (from Acapulco)
  13. Hi Joe, Thank you, and right now, you're right ...! Then we'll see. Regards, Peter
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