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  1. that's fair enough....looking forward to what ever you come up with!
  2. Ah the suggestions would be endless Craig, the obvious ones being Sydney, London, Paris and NY but the Grand Canyon would be a must too...You could also look into Tokyo, Shanghai, Singapore, Dubai, Cairo.... Apart from the fun that this adds to the sim it is also an opportunity to explore new locations too. If you could find a way to score runs it would be a massive game changer for the sim, maybe when they add the Reno Air Race there may be some new tech that could be used for your pylon scenery.....who knows?
  3. Spent the best part of a couple of hours with a few mates flying the course this afternoon and having a blast There were a few other pilots on the server having a go as well so I think you have a hit on your hands here. By far the most Value Adding and novel addition to the Sim in my opinion, I hope you have plans on adding a few more destinations to your list, thank you very much!
  4. Dunny spiders are notorious here in Aus Are you serious Frizzelle, my translator says = Anchovy Donut? I thought Vegemite was bad haha!
  5. Did someone say Spiders? found this guy lurking on my roof guttering and this guy when working underneath my car Nothing to be worried about though BTW, I've been to Canada, Vancouver and Nova Scotia, absolutely amazing scenery and great people....tell you what, I'll keep my spiders and you keep your bears and cougars, deal?
  6. Great shots there bread-man, especially the 2nd one!
  7. Great story telling Carlos and I'm glad you made it into Walter 2's place alright, I always make sure I visit when I'm in the neighborhood too
  8. This is one of my favorites as well Carlos, have you tried finding and landing at the other Walter's air strip? It's part of the scenery also and makes for a very challenging landing, you'll love it!
  9. I've done that also but there are still many issues at YWOL, like terrian mesh issues etc. Not complaining, very happy with AUSv2 and looking forward to YWOL updates to suit.
  10. Great post Dal, I think I started with FS4 or FS5. I remember my Dad showing me a clip in a newspaper about it and my imagination went wild! It's amazing how relative things are, I now get upset when I see a stutter in my current simulator, it's good to keep things in perspective
  11. I'm seriously considering this product line, I've been looking for a quality yoke for a long time now and I think this along with their throttle quadrant will be a good choice. Anyone have any thoughts I might not have considered? Thanks Ben
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