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  1. Looks like this has seen an update. Is there a change log anywhere as I'm unable to find anything?
  2. Lol. Yup, it's back to a daily flight. Need to add it back in. :)
  3. Would be a shame if neglected as the aircraft is off to a very good start but worse if Orbx are going silent on this question. I know people hold off on purchases when the description states there will be upcoming improvements as they want to purchase the aircraft in a complete state - at least going by the official forums.
  4. Is there ETA on the proposed updates for the Pacific Aerospace 750 XSTOL from the following post? Would be good to know what the future is with this aircraft.
  5. And it looks like image linking isn't working as expected and I can't edit my post!
  6. And she is back... [img]https://i.imgur.com/ayeIcXr.jpg[/img]
  7. We already have Asobo's version and Inibuilds v3 is very good by all accounts.
  8. Happy New Year Vi! Thanks as always for the work you do, especially given the background you have to contend with. I obviously have a bias towards Scottish airports so would certainly welcome a Prestwick or Inverness - the latter while available from another Dev simply isn't that highly detailed and is small enough that it may be a quick project for yourself.
  9. It will be coming the Marketplace but I would imagine the staff here can assist you with a the password reset if you contact one of them directly.
  10. How to make a relatively small airport come to life! So much content and attention to detail. It's like the movie you always notice new things each time you watch. Stunning!
  11. Pyreegue do what Pyreegue do! Another top notch offering.
  12. I almost don't care at all what you are developing at the moment, it's just great to hear you and your family are safe! Having said that, the detail in that East Midlands control tower for example is next level!
  13. Yup, while the base scenery in MSFS is a great start, these regional packs add a lot for areas you know well or frequent, especially for the GA crowd.
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