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  1. Now that looks like one of the best snow implementations I’ve seen at an airport. Looks excellent!
  2. EGPN working fine for me after yesterday’s update including the CGL file active. Would also recommend clearing your rolling cache if you haven’t already done so after any updates.
  3. A lot will depend on what resolution and settings you are planning to run at. I did a quick comparison between the 3070 and 3080 at the following link which may help guide you. This was at 3440x1440 resolution so kind of a half way between 1440p and 4k:
  4. Quick test with Dundee and CGL restored. Loaded fine although I got a crash halfway down the runway. Cleared my cache, changed to a default aircraft and tried again without issue. Will test more later but positive first signs.
  5. Don't get me wrong, I quickly turned it back on and renamed the CGL files instead but it was perfectly serviceable short term if it was the only option. Looked far better than default XP11 to me though - I was surprised since I had only ever run MSFS with Bing data enabled. It may depend on the region you are flying over though.
  6. I’m wondering if any fix for this issue may need to come with Sim Update 3 instead of the UK update which could delay things further. All conjecture at this point but Asobo really need to come out and address this ASAP. In the meantime, I have just renamed the cgl file extension for any airports I’m currently flying in or around so it’s a viable workaround. I did turn off the Bing data at first and while you take a hit on scenery quality, it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting to be honest.
  7. Thanks again for the Boosttester tool. Been playing this weekend and very helpful to have that when monitoring each core individually. Only tested a few scenarios so far but getting a better idea of what the cpu is capable of.
  8. Not sure why you think this is unacceptable from Orbx, this issue was not created by them and it affects all 3rd party developers using CGL files. Be thankful they are taking the time to reflect on the issue and offer some temporary workarounds. Asobo are the ones you should be directing any angst towards, especially if communication or a fix is not delivered soon.
  9. Yup, will keep an eye out for that one too. In the meantime, I did some quick undervolting with the RTX 3080 FE last night and found a couple of stable settings getting me a reduction of 5˚C, 90 Watts and an increase of 2-3fps.
  10. Thanks PiotrMKG. So you are using the single core option and doing them separately? I’ll take a look tomorrow. I’m going to concentrate on the 3080 FE in the morning and go back to the 5800X later. What is the best way to determine the best cores? Monitor during a stress test?
  11. Did some playing around with undervolting the 5800X via curve optimiser in the bios tonight. Only did testing in MSFS2020, no real benchmarking as such, and dropped the voltage across all cores with a negative 30 offset. Not seen a massive difference if I am being honest - a little drop in power use according to HWMonitor of around 15W and perhaps running slightly cooler but it does vary be run. The biggest difference I can determine by monitoring inflight using MSI Afterburner is I'm staying on the max 4850MHz across all cores for far longer. Screenshot of Afterburner attached but hitting that frequency across all cores and 58oC seems solid performance air, cooled in MSFS2020. I used the following video as a guide but given he saw limited results with the 5950X, I wonder if the full 8 core CCXs are already running very close to optimised as opposed to the 5600X and 5900X.
  12. I’ve just been through a recent upgrade but thought I would share some quick benchmarking figures I did at my native 3440x1440 resolution given most reviews focus on 1080p, 1440p & 2160p. There always seems to be a wider gap between the higher two resolutions and UWQHD sits in-between. I upgraded from a Ryzen 3600 to the 5800X and from an RTX 2070 to a RTX 3070 but then picked up a 3080. Hopefully these figures will help someone consider an upgrade with MSFS2020 in mind. I’ll just quote average FPS for each scenario based on the average from 3 runs. These are all paired with the Ryzen 5800X and 32GB CL16 3600MHz RAM. Scenario 1. Flying A320 Neo from London City to Heathrow. Orbx London City (EGLC) and London Landmark products installed. High graphics settings: RTX 3070 = 47 fps. RTX 3080 = 51 fps. Ultra graphics settings: RTX 3070 = 34 fps. RTX 3080 = 41 fps. Scenario 2. AT Simulations Piaggio P149d taking off from Florence, a quick circuit and back into Florence. Gaya Florence (LIRQ) installed. High graphics settings: RTX 3070 = 61 fps. RTX 3080 = 71 fps. Ultra graphics settings: RTX 3070 = 47 fps. RTX 3080 = 54 fps. Scenario 3. Flying Carenado Mooney from Inverness to Dundee. Orbx Dundee (EGPN) installed. High graphics settings: RTX 3070 = 57 fps. RTX 3080 = 62 fps. Ultra graphics settings: RTX 3070 = 42 fps. RTX 3080 = 51 fps. Unfortunately, I didn’t do any benchmarking with the Ryzen 3600 or RTX 2070 but from memory, the London City to Heathrow trip at high settings with this combination saw an average of fps of around 30 and certainly dipped below this when at Heathrow. There is a real noticeable improvement in MSFS when switching from Zen 2 to Zen 3 although the 5800X also has an extra 2 cores and 4 threads. The RTX 3070 was a surprisingly strong performer at UWQHD resolution in MSFS2020 but there were a couple of occasions where I was breaching the 8gb vram limit at ultra settings as confirmed by developer mode although I wasn’t seeing any observable performance hit in the sim. The 3080 again is a noticeable improvement, especially when running ultra settings. I have yet to breach the 10gb ram limit of the 3080. Just some figures and my thoughts which hopefully may be of use to anyone considering an upgrade and are running at 3440x1440 resolution. In summary, the 3070 is a very strong performer at this resolution but I would be looking at a 3080 or a 6800XT for a more comfortable experience or if you are planning on 4K down the road.
  13. B12 - I'm going to experiment with undervolting the 5800X once the non beta bios drops for my motherboard. I'm seeing all cores hit 4850Mhz stock with my Noctua cooler but there is scope to potentially increase the all core clock limit by undervolting and even if there is no increase - power use and thermals should drop.
  14. Thanks B12. Installed the 5800X last night and been benching with the 3070 this evening. The new cpu makes a noticeable improvement but actually giving me higher frames than I was anticipating- managed to max out my monitor @ 100 FPS high settings on ultra wide in the right scenarios but typically I’m seeing 10fps higher max over the 3600 which I was not expecting. I’m pretty much always gpu bound now at high settings apart from initial spawn and approaching the big airports. Will test ultra settings tomorrow then swap in the 3080. These zen 3 cpus are very impressive. The 3600 maxed out at 4200mhz across all cores stock but the 5800x is boosting to 4850mhz across all cores straight out of the box with my Noctua cooler. Between that and the improved ipc it’s around a 34% uplift over the old cpu and that’s before you consider the additional cores. Your 5950x must be a beast.
  15. Got lucky with the timing for the 3080 as they normally sell out in seconds after a drop. Can I wait till the weekend to upgrade?
  16. Got a stock update this afternoon and managed to bag a RTX 3080 FE at normal price. Already dispatched so will compare the 3070 to the 3080 this weekend and feedback but given both cards cost the same, I’m more than likely going to keep the 3080.
  17. Will do. I’ve seen up to 65fps with the 3070 in MSFS @ 3440x1440 high end settings but averages around the 50fps mark so quite impressed. The 2070 had me closer to 30fps. The 5080x will hopefully improve some of the main thread limits & stutters when approaching the likes of large airports or photogrammetry areas. Will test it all this weekend.
  18. Yup, bought a 5600X at launch but couldn’t get a new gpu at the time so sold it and held off until now. Just bought a 5800X with the recent price drop so will get that installed this weekend. Picked up an RTX 3070 to tide me over on the gpu side just over a week ago but it’s been an impressive jump on performance over my RTX 2070. Might end up keeping it if I can’t get a 3080 or 6800 XT anytime soon.
  19. Yup, I have heard people recommend this in the past. I always scan new content on my machine anyway so could do this but haven’t done so far. Ordered a new cpu yesterday so that should be arriving Tuesday which may improve load times a little but it’s one of the things you need to accept with flight sims.
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