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FSX OLC Mesh South America is priced free. There's only an 'install button' on the product page. When I click that it says in red;  'You do not own the product'?  I do have OLC South America installed in my FSX.  Where is the 'Buy' button for the Mesh ?   There is a 'Manual Install Button' when I click

that a random part of my sustem folder structure appears but no 'download' of 'Install button'  There's an option to redeem some ORBS but there is no 'buy' or 'redeem button'   thankxs for yr reply........

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On 3/28/2024 at 7:14 PM, Nick Cooper said:

you will need to add it to your Orbx Direct account by "buying" it.

Hello, I'm new to Orbx. I am also having the same issue as the OP. There is simply no way of downloading, purchasing or redeeming Orbs, either through the Orb Central or Orbx Direct for this particular content.
I've attached some screenshots that will confirm this. Any help or suggestion beyond what you have already stated would be much appreciated.






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