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The Caribbean - USA WW2 + Present-day Iconic Airfields (MSFS)

flsm (Frank)

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Following MSFS's recent World Update of The Caribbean, plus additional water-masking, now is a good time to visit The Caribbean in MSFS. So come learn about the little-known importance of The Caribbean in WW2 & visit some of the American WW2 airfields there. We'll also take the opportunity to visit 3 present-day iconic airfields. Hope you enjoy. Cheers.



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Frank, with your c-47 skills you are perfect candidate to join the fleet of pilots at www.dc3airways.net. We are heavy on Multi Play flights , training for those who wish it, and general overall comeraderie among pilots from all across the globe. From time to time we have done real life reunions, including one in 2015, when several of us gathered at the WWII Normandy Memorial.

i hope you will take a look at our website.

Best wishes,



director of PR

DC 3 Airways 

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