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  1. It was a typo, I was at 15000 feet sherm
  2. FL ERROR DULY NOTED..the Connie is from Flight One. I have enough trouble managing that one, much less the more demanding and complicated A2A Sherm
  3. Live and learn. I saw one at the boneyard outside Tucson a few years ago … in TWA colors….what a beauty
  4. Thanks, it is v3 with AS, ASCA, and ENVSHADE….runs perfectly…fps locked at 37 sherm
  5. Thanks, it is v3 with AS, ASCA, and ENVSHADE….runs perfectly…fps locked at 37 sherm
  6. I'll take a slow sip from a long straw any day I can CONNIE at FL15 heading to KJAC out of KSPS Sherm
  7. Hi Tiger, If you also have an interest in the DC3, check us out www.dc3airways.net Sherm
  8. DC3 AIRWAYS PLANS RECREATION OF BERLIN AIRLIFT Beginning Tuesday February 1, 2022, and continuing for a total of 12 events, DC3 AIRWAYS (www. Dc3airways.net) will stage a virtual recreation of The Berlin Airlift. This will be the 6th time in the past several years for this popular air simulation event. Designed and directed by DCA Vice President Glen Broome these multiplayer sessions will trace the chronology of the 1948/49 Berlin airlift, following the same approach procedures and the same routes used to supply the population of West Berlin following the imposition of the Soviet blockade in June 1948. A total of 14 airfields will be used, sometimes in fog or thunderstorms, sometimes at night. In sessions involving perhaps 20 or more pilots flying on a Multi Play platform, we will adhere as far as possible to the conditions and events of that period. Much of the scenery that is now available creates new airfields in near photographic quality, such as EDUG Gatow. In other cases, airfields will be realistically rendered both in terms of buildings and runways/aprons/taxiways. ATC communication will be provided through TeamSpeak and visual communication will be achieved via Swift software, the preferred MP software for VATSIM. Please note that VATSIM is not involved in this project, and membership is not required. Pilots will deal with weather conditions as they existed for the actual Berlin Airlift flights. Not only that, but enemy flak and fire from Russian fighter planes of the period is likely to be encountered by pilots who stray from the designated air corridors into and out of Berlin. For those of you who participated before, the challenge will be familiar. For those of you new to DC3 Airways and multiplayer in particular ... welcome ... you will experience flight simulation to a new level in this series both as regards traffic, approaches and weather. It is also a means to commemorate the events and the dedication of all those involved in keeping Berlin free in the troubled times post WWII. For more information, and to sign up for participation, visit www.Dc3airways.net. You need not be a DCA pilot to participate, though you are always welcome to join us. This event is open to all simulation platforms. Software to take part as well as details on how to join our MP flights for visual and audio communications will be provided.
  9. greetings, I use Lorby's Scenery Organizer and I noticed recently that Orbx Global Base listed much higher among my sceneries than virtually all other Orbx products. I cannot say that I have noticed any performance issues, but I am curious about this particular setting. Thanks. Sherm
  10. I am happy to report that the problem has been solved. I verified, OC, NALC AND THE LIBS...RESYNCED AND ALL IS WELL. administrators can consider this topic closed. Sherm
  11. HI have been having great success with p3d v5.3, as some of my screen shots have demonstrated. However, flying over the Tampa Bay region I discovered a real mess. I have seen similar anomalies like this elsewhere. For example, This is just after TO from KGYY. How can I correct this. Thanks Sherm
  12. Hi Nick, when I added my Orbx files to v5.3, I included Vector...not sure what it is doing, but it does not seem to detract or cause any problems that I have seen. Sherm
  13. Thanks, LJ...it has come together very nicely...still not much satisfaction with volumetric clouds, but EA is fine Sherm
  14. Frankly, I am amazed at how v5.3 makes everything look so vivid compared to v5,2. I had a couple of minor hoops to jump through, but on balance setup was easy. These shots were taken in an early morning flight over the Cascades near Mt. Jefferson. I took off in snow, which changed to showers as I flew further N from my starting point at S21. Clouds were heavy at first, but then began to break. I was struck by the light, as well as the sharpness of the Orbx terrain and my aircraft, the DCA livery for Manfred Jahns DC3 v14. Add on software includes AS, ASCA, Envshade and Envtex. Sherm
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