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Just stopped in to say hi - was thinking of Neil today while flying.


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Have been playing around a bit with the C-130 in P3D and have started trying to copy a few of the practice 'assault landings' that actual USAF and ANG herc pilots make in real life, and so it turned out that one of them was in NorCal right on the edge of Nevada/CA and of course it was a small airfield that Neil made for NorCal.  


I was a guy that got to study the art & craft of making these freeware airports under the demanding eye of Neil.  Larry made way more of them, over a hundred probably, and not many of mine really even made the cut - a few did, which was cool.  Neil was just so awesome, so patient and so kind - even while he was coaching you up.


I guess it will be 5 years in November.  Neil, thanks for all you did, sir.  We are still enjoying your work and your attention to detail.

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