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Anybody know what’s happened to the single engine Beaver.

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9 hours ago, Dadtom65 said:

One moment it was just about to come out, the next nothing. Perhaps I missed something. Thanks Derek.

You haven't missed anything that I am aware of Derek. I think it's just a little on the back burner at MilViz as they work on the Cessna 310 release. It's also a possibility their general development work is affected by world events as they are lately. Cannot confirm this though. I am always awaiting the next Beaver release...always my favorite plane to fly, in any sim, and I have been eagerly waiting for an MSFS version.



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Beaver and Skyraider sold to other companies "As for the Beaver, its fate is now well-known: it’s coming as a free aircraft with the 40th Anniversary Edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator, scheduled to launch in November. Milviz sold the plane to Microsoft and is currently putting the final touches on this beloved airplane." 

I bet it's not going to be as detailed as I was hoping.

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