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Can I temporarily remove virtual links?

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7 minutes ago, tortugas said:

I have installed Himalaya Mesh into a Library folder using Orbx Central. It is then automatically generating a virtual link to the Community folder.

How can I temporarily remove that link without uninstalling the 20 GB addon?




I think what you're asking is what I do all the time.  I have created another folder next to the Community folder in the Packages folder and called it Hangar.  To disable a scenery I simply move the link from Community into the Hangar.  And when I want the scenery back I just move it back. 


I think the only thing you would need to keep an eye on is if you run the sync simulator function or verify files for the scenery, you'll end up with the link in each folder but the good thing is that doesn't matter.  You can just delete the one you don't want.



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