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  1. I have installed Himalaya Mesh into a Library folder using Orbx Central. It is then automatically generating a virtual link to the Community folder. How can I temporarily remove that link without uninstalling the 20 GB addon? Thanks
  2. Thank you, I was just trying to make a simple spreadsheet with all the ORBX products in it sorted by release date. Just to help me keeping track of what I have and what I am missing. I am more interested in the latest releases so that is why I wanted the option to sort by date. I did sort by product name at FSS and that does work, even though it is not perfect. ..espen..
  3. Hello, Is it possible to find all ORBX products listed by release date somewhere? Espen #FSS0301896
  4. Crazy that even the small sand banks in the river at the Darrington Mill shots are included.
  5. Thanks for the quick replies. I will try this tonight.
  6. Hello, I am currently running ORBX scenery on P3D installation. Since I am unable to run all of my purchases on P3D I want to install FSX as well. What do I do with Products like FTX Global, Vector and regions? I also have 120GB of mesh from Pilots. Do I install them all again in a separate folder, or can the installed products somehow be linked to FSX? I would really appreciate some guidance on how to do this. Thanks, Espen
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