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Support from Orbx Central 2

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Good evening everyone, especially Mr. Doug Sawatzky (moderator).
Mr. Doug Sawatzky, I appreciate your time and attention but I didn't understand why you closed my topic, I was expecting help as I reported the problem, I've been a fan of Orbx for many years and I just want some help, you won't always read what you want. likes, critiques are part of it and my critique is based on real what is happening, I hope and believe that you are able to help once be a moderator, not simply close a topic without any sum in it, when I informed not to buy the products anymore, it is not for the quality, but because I'm not able to access the ones I bought and it's my right, you informed that the problem is not in the Orbx servers, where can it be then? I'm not the first or the last to have this problem and all the topics about it there was no help from Orbx, on the contrary the answer was always that you are aware and looking to fix it, so how can you help me? After you help me and therefore everyone who has this problem, feel free to close the topic.


Thank you in advance for your attention


Enzo Augusto S. Costa

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