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  1. True, I hadn't tried the VPN informed by him, because you also didn't know about the VPN, I believe, but the important thing is to have solved it and thank you very much.
  2. Good night Sr. Doug Sawatzky, I was browsing the internet and saw a comment about the VPN, it's not really the Orbx server by the looks of it, I don't know exactly what it is, but the VPN was the solution, excuse my frankness but you know about this possible solution could have warned me anyway thank you very much for your attention.
  3. Good afternoon friends, I recently opened 2 topics asking for help about low speed Download problem on Orbx Central, my connection is normal and everything I need from applications to games (MSFS) is downloaded super fast, except the Orbx products that I stayed connected for 4 days to download the library, then in Base Pack 2 days and nothing, speed between 40kps and 80kps when it doesn't interrupt often, the topics the moderators didn't give a solution and were closed, in the second topic the moderator asked me to open a ticket to support, I had already done it and did it again, after almost a week I was told that they couldn't help me and that I should keep trying, anyway, disappointing support for the greatness of the Orbx. Here's the solution I found, I connected my network via VPN, in my case my anti virus Kaspersky has VPN connect (pay) and I put the server in Australia and I was able to download all the products at high speed, I know that there are free VPN programs, so if you have the problem try this way. Hugs to everyone.
  4. Good night Ed Correia, thank you very much for your attention, I already opened a ticket on December 5th now, but I didn't get back, anyway I'll do it again. Thank you very much
  5. Good evening everyone, especially Mr. Doug Sawatzky (moderator). Mr. Doug Sawatzky, I appreciate your time and attention but I didn't understand why you closed my topic, I was expecting help as I reported the problem, I've been a fan of Orbx for many years and I just want some help, you won't always read what you want. likes, critiques are part of it and my critique is based on real what is happening, I hope and believe that you are able to help once be a moderator, not simply close a topic without any sum in it, when I informed not to buy the products anymore, it is not for the quality, but because I'm not able to access the ones I bought and it's my right, you informed that the problem is not in the Orbx servers, where can it be then? I'm not the first or the last to have this problem and all the topics about it there was no help from Orbx, on the contrary the answer was always that you are aware and looking to fix it, so how can you help me? After you help me and therefore everyone who has this problem, feel free to close the topic. Thank you in advance for your attention Enzo Augusto S. Costa
  6. Thanks friends for your attention, as Orbx is unable to solve this, it is more concerned with making sales partnerships with other producers than solving internal problems, as I said before, all Orbx partners will not see any money from me, policy and quality zero.
  7. I'm an old Orbx customer, I see in the forums several people complaining about the slow download of the products purchased without a solution, when an Orbx representative answers says they are solving, but I see complaints since 2016 and so far nothing. I have the habit of formatting my computer every time a new version of Prepar3D comes out and I install everything new, I realize that there are days that I install all my products in at most 1hr and there are days that take longer, but it seems that the server is running down overcoming ineffective, since yesterday (24 hr) I've been trying to download the Libraries for later on the others (base, vector, regions...) my connection is normal, (223.97 mbps Download, 56.91 mbps Upload, 16 ms latency, 23 ms Jitter ), I understand that there are times when the server is more in demand and its efficiency decreases, but Orbx has had this problem for years and it never solves it, I am part of one of the largest MSFS scenario companies and we place a lot of priority on product quality, support and especially the delivery, we have changed servers recently because some customers complained about the slowness, we are not better than anyone else but we know the importance of our customers, so priority is given to your customers, because despite working with products for the MSFS still haven't migrated because of PMDG, but if I'm going to continue with this terrible server, I won't buy more products from you and your partners via Orbx Central. Obs. Sorry for my English, but I'm using a translator.
  8. Thanks for your attention, I don't believe this is IP strangulation, the download starts very well as I said, when approximately 70% of the speed drops, only on Orbx, I download larger files via torrent without problems, I formatted my machine and I want to reinstall Orbx products, for example the Base Pack, Vector ... all Global Range were normal, without problems, only North America is showing, before I could manually download the file and install, now you have removed this option to make it worse.
  9. Good morning, yesterday I started installing the scenarios in the United States, (Central Rockies, Northern California ...) but they reach approximately 70% and the connection immediately becomes very slow (30Kb/s..12Kp/s / s on average), my internet has speed of 200mps (tested again) of direct optical fiber, Central Rockie took 12 hours to make up for the missing 30%, now Northen Rockies ... what's going on?
  10. Good evening friends, thank you Matt McGee and Dominique for the tip, I will install today, but I still expect an ORBX scenario for this beautiful place, even in summer the mountains perish with ice (less clear), ice age ice of our planet. , look at these photos of a lagoon for me (2 hours walking in nature), the name is Laguna de Esmeralda, one photo taken in winter and the other in summer.
  11. Good morning friends, I use ORBX Base pack, vector, and I chose PILOT'S - FS Global Ultimate - Next Generation FTX (ORBX openLC South America bought but not installed) m I have several airports from my country, Paulo Ricardo all (payware), TropicalSim (payware) and RZanolli all also (free), but I don't see anything from ORBX, I wish there were projects for the continent.
  12. Good morning friends, I don't use ORBX openLC South America (I bought it but I didn't install it) because I chose PILOT'S - FS Global Ultimate - Next Generation FTX, and what I really meant is an airport detailing, with its city and mountains, I went there twice (summer and winter), I think it would be very nice to have this scenario rich in details (payware)
  13. Good afternoon everyone, I love ORBX products, I am always buying a new scenario, but you do not invest in South America, at most one Mesh, I am from Brazil and like other ORBX fans in South America we wish we had more attention , cities, airports, it would be a great pleasure to have ORBX investing in our continent.
  14. Good afternoon everyone, I suggest if possible one project Ushuaia (Argentina), is an airport connection for almost all expeditions to the Antarctic continent, the city of Ushuaia is considered the southernmost of our planet and is beautiful.
  15. This scenario of the Simmarket is horrible, airports misaligned, mountains very poorly done, who goes to Ushuaia and looks at a scenario of this enters into depression. IOI
  16. how can I help you? Photos? Where do I send it?
  17. Hello Richard Bui, I live in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), but whenever I can I go to Ushuaia, I have some photos, but I do not have a drone, only next year should I return to Ushuaia, I will be very happy to buy a drone for make beautiful images and help you, Ushuaia is a beautiful city, its history too, on the internet there are several photos and some videos, if you need some photos of me I will be very satisfied to help. In Ushuaia the mountain tops have ice that even in summer they do not melt, they are ice of the ice age.
  18. Good afternoon, friends of the ORBX, I have a suggestion to make regarding scenarios, I went sometimes to the city of Ushuaia (Tierra del fuego) located in Argentina, it is the southernmost city in the world, 90% of the expeditions to Antardida pass through there and today does not exite a scenario of quality, only scenarios very poorly done, there is a sales scenario that is of poor quality and totally wrong the locations of the airports, so with the ability of ORBX professionals, Ushuaia could have a beautiful scenery with perfect details, because all the scenarios and products produced by you are the best. Thank you!
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