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Bug to Report KPWK Chicago Executive

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It is with sadness I have to report a bug at Chicago Executive.   I have been able to duplicate the bug with the Chicago Executive Airport installed, however it does NOT repeat the bug without it installed, and I am also running drzewiecki design Chicago Landmarks as well.  You will see in my signature my computer is MORE than capable of running MSFS 2020.   


Here is what happens:


I take off out of KPWK (Chicago Executive) With CItation Longitude default aircraft.   I have the autopilot set to follow GPS as the navigation settings;  and have a flight plan that crosses in front of Chicago for Screenshot purposes.   I select the camera buttons to change to the Drone camera, and whenever I change to the Drone camera, the Crash To Desktop happens.


I uninstalled KPWK and I do NOT get the Crash to Desktop.  


I'm hoping this can be solved, for I do enjoy KWPK, and not sure if anyone else reported this either to you directly or the partner that created KPWK but I'm hoping we can sort it out.  Thanks so much.  I appreciate any and all help I can get here.   



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