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TE Spain South Pre Purchase questions


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how is the quality comparable to Balearic and Canary Islands? Is it more the SD or the HD version of the new TE Spain South? Can I still use my Ortho4Xp tile for LXGB when i buy & use TE Spain?


Will there be upgrade fees for the coming XP12 version? Maybe its too early to ask, but i dont know the politics of Orbx in the past. 



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I can only refer you to the screenshots displayed on te product page at Orbx Direct regarding the quality but can confirm it is HD.

Regarding whether you can still use your ortho4xp tile I would have to refer that question to the Dev @Tony Wroblewski.

A general statement though is that Orbx does not make addons designed to be compatible with ortho4xp but makes them compatible with default Laminar scenery and Orbx TE regional scenery.

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HD version is 1m/px (ZL17) and the SD version is 2m/px (ZL16)... This is the same resolution you see in TE products for the USA


This is lower resolution than the Canary Islands which is 60cm/px because the size would have been several TBs.


You can use your own Ortho4XP tile for LXGB, as long as you order it correctly, i.e. place it above the TE orthos folder, but below the rest of the TE Spain scenery if your goal is to keep the autogen but use your own imagery.


re: XP12... The scenery should work fine in XP12, however it won't include the new trees and this will require an update to the product eventually. It's too early for us to decide at this time about product upgrades until we also know more.


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