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Gaya Simulation

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Dear all at Orbx,


....i know, that Orbx and Gaya are partners and Orbx is not responsible, but

i would like to post here the same what i wrote in the Gayaforum.




Dear all,

i have no clue what is going on at your company,

maybe you have a lot to do with Asobo, or anything else.

But it is really not the best way to ignore your customers.

I wrote on Zendesk, cause after MSFS WU6 there are some

issues with LOWW.

No answer. I looked here on the forum, since weeks no answers

on topics here.

That is really a bad support. Let us know what is going on. Then

the customers would understand it.



Since month, nobody is answering questions at Gaya, it looks like they are missing and they don't care about their customers.


Sorry for that, but i wanted to text this.


Bye, Thomas

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Some problems with the Asobo updates aren't easy to fix.  It's unlikely that the company (Gaya) is uninterested but it's quite likely they too are waiting for information about how problems to do with WU6 can be fixed.


Anyway as you pointed out Gaya support in not available here at the Orbx forum so I'm not sure why you posted here.

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