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Hi Finn,

No I have not posted about this before.

I have tried with empty community folder, deleted rolling cache, deleted Content.xml, and deleted simulator.dat files.  Nothing helps.

My drivers are current and the other day i uninstalled all my runtime librarys (VCredist 2005-2019), and installed latest versions of them all.

It's the two airports purchased at marketplace that is problem for me (ENAL and ENOV)

I promise I'll never buy from marketplace again!

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Please excuse me for venting my frustrations in norwegian. I just told I was sick and tired of MSFS and Marketplace, and would rather take my Apache for a spin instead.

After a couple of solid smokey burnout's, I deleted the marketplace version of ENAL, and purchased the Orbx central version, and now everything is good.

I can start at any parking spot now with no MSFS freeze.

I actually purchased the Scandinavian Bundle of 7 airports. I got them all in P3D5 as well.


Case closed.

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