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Duplicated Purchases within Orbx, Aerosoft, and the msfs Marketplace.

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Good day to all,

I have just bought LOWS from Orbx direct central in the World Update VI sale, and then realised that I had already bought it via the msfs Marketplace.  Are there any provisions for a refund?

It is very difficult when sceneries being shown in Central, Aerosoft and msfs Marketplace, are not cross-referenced to prevent duplication.  I think it is a different scenario for non-affiliated 3rd party partners, but when the Orbx partnership numbers some 35 partners, duplication is inevitable as products previously bought before Orbx partner integration, are not being shown as "owned" in the Orbx Central listing, - can non-Orbx purchases please be cross-referenced?


Look forward to receiving a response, in the meantime, stay well to all.


Best regards,



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