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  1. Greets from NZCH, Thanks for your reply, Doug, ticket submitted. Stay well. Cheers, Pat.
  2. Good day to all, I have just bought LOWS from Orbx direct central in the World Update VI sale, and then realised that I had already bought it via the msfs Marketplace. Are there any provisions for a refund? It is very difficult when sceneries being shown in Central, Aerosoft and msfs Marketplace, are not cross-referenced to prevent duplication. I think it is a different scenario for non-affiliated 3rd party partners, but when the Orbx partnership numbers some 35 partners, duplication is inevitable as products previously bought before Orbx partner integration, are not being shown as "owned" in the Orbx Central listing, - can non-Orbx purchases please be cross-referenced? Look forward to receiving a response, in the meantime, stay well to all. Best regards, Pat.
  3. Thanks Jon, Will do. Stay well and enjoy restrictions relaxations when they officially start. Cheers, Pat.
  4. Hello, and greets from NZCH, I can't find one, but is there a facility to transfer licenses for scenery bought at the Pilot Plus site to enable Central support? Perhaps someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance, and stay well, Regards, Pat.
  5. Nice, thank you Iain, looks like the old cheque book's going to get yet another hit! Best wishes from NZCH.
  6. Thanks to you all! If there are 'missing items', how will we know? Will we actually care? What the eye doesn't see, the heart doesn't grieve. Thanks once again JV and Team, have a truly wonderful Christmas,
  7. Great, Smashing, - Super! NAS all ready for the download and install, - thank you!
  8. Truly excellent! You got to hand to Thomas R for his unique high standard promo vids as well. I look forward to adding this to my collection.
  9. I'd have thought Lorbi entries would have a direct conflict with Central, Rick. I used to have a lot of junctions set up (I run P3D & XP on a 300Gb disk allocation, and now only need to create junctions for non-Orbx, which does actually help (I run a small .bat file to create the junctions, so if I change a directory or hardware, one click on the .bat file does it all for me). I think, maybe, you might be better of uninstalling Central, deleting anything in your AppData folder that relates to Central (and delete Orbx from the Temp folder), and start again with a fresh install of Central. Might also be worth checking the registry to make sure P3D is pointing in right direction. We have got similar hardware (Maximus XI, 11gb Asus 1080TI, Intel i9, 64Gb Hyperx 3200, cooled with a Corsair H150i. Good luck with it anyway, obviously I cannot see what you see on your monitor, but if I can help in any small way, please let me know (ppatster@msn.com), happy to help or cry with you. Cheers, Pat.
  10. Hi again, Rick, Sorry for delay, just completed complete re-install. Had a few problems with scenery order using the new Central, and I only installed NZCH to see the effect Orbx would have on the scenery order. The Godzone addon is loaded from the C:\Users\ppats\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons', while the Orbx seems to do its' own thing and separate from the C:\Users\ppats\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons (I don't know the mechanics of it). Using the latest version of Central (xxx.013) allowed me to move Orbx installations below NZCH, and all seems to be well, didn't notice any flashing textures. (See attached). . . . . Now that Orbx Central v4 seems quite settled, I will embark on loading up the other Windowlight sceneries etc. BTW have you got Flightbeam Studios NZWN? That is another "well worth the $$$$" addon-on. Hope you find this helps, or indeed, just interesting. Kind regards, Pat,.
  11. Hi Rick, Just to let you know, I,m re-installing both P3D and XP-11, so bear with me, once all re-installed will attach my scenery.cfg. The next Orbx Central changed my setup considerably as I have been using "Junctions" for nearly all my scenery folders, which have now been incorporated within Central, which, by the way, is an excellent interface. Will be a couple of days, so bear with me. Best regards, Pat.
  12. Highly recommend Robin Corns' NZCH (Godzone Virtual Flight), Rick, it's well worth the price.
  13. Looks great! - Couldn't see Steve McGarrett, - perhaps he was out on a shout! I'm looking forward to adding this to my collection. Thanks all!
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