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Community Items not installing

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Prior toV5 - I never had any probs with installs placed in Community - eg freeware

after V5 - and I had cleared Community before upgrade - Southport - bought direct - would not install

I completely uninstalled 2020 and reinstalled it - added a few bits to Community - including all my Orbx

via Central.

Some are working OK but getting stuck again on Southport - and now the chopper H135

Both are shown and  recognised as NOT installed but the sim wont install them 

Any ideas - or is it a fault that V6 has produced and 3rd parties have not updated 

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I have 10 items that the sim say are not installed, mostly liveries, however if I go into sim they are there, we had this happen a few updates back to...I can;t install them agin via content manager just through Orbx but they still say uninstalled..

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