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I'm getting reproducible CTD when I load the sim at LOWI. It seems to be connected to Bijans Seasons mod and vice versa. If I disable either the Seasons add-on or Orbx LOWI everything is fine. Having both active: CTD.


I also recognized that three bridges are missing in Innsbruck. When Orbx is uninstalled, all three bridges are there.


I've read that an update for LOWI is in work. Hopefully it solves the above mentioned issue too.



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4 hours ago, Doug Sawatzky said:



You will also need to remove to Asobo version of LOWI if it is still installed.

I had this uninstalled since long time.


Orbx LOWI, default LOWI uninstalled + Bijan Seasons     = CTD

Orbx LOWI, default LOWI uninstalled  w/o Bijan Seaons  = No CTD

w/o Orbx LOWI, default LOWI installed + Bijan Seasons  = No CTD


I know this is a difficult situation, when two add-ons seem to be incompatible. I may also add, that both worked good together before recent Sim update.


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