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Question on re-installing Orbx products into P3d

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After a year of using "another" simulator, I am thinking about re-installing P3d 4.5, but I need advice on the re-installation of Orbx addons.


I had GLOBAL Base, Vector, and LC products.

I had EU England, Scotland, and Wales.

I had TrueEarth GB South, GB Central, and GB North.


As a result of this mix, I had not only the photoscenery, but also the various landmarks across the UK, and improved airports. However, I am now not certain if I needed all these products installed in order to gain that result. Hard drive space will be a premium if I continue to have MSF.... Er... "The other sim" on my drives too!


So, do I need all these, or does TrueEarth alone add the improved airports, landmarks, etc? (in which case I had effectively double installed some elements in the past!)


Thanks for your advice folks.

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TrueEarth does not have seasons. and being photo scenery, It will also override the other products, if they are installed.


If you did have enough HD space, you could install both and just uncheck/deactivate any combination of your liking anytime, of course except for Global base, which would always need to be installed for the LC products to work.




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I believe True Earth does include all the improved airports that were in the original regions. I know all the North American airports were included plus a few outside the original Region boundaries. Some have minor location problems as they were not changed but just added to the True Earth files. For Florida we did new improved airports for the entire True Earth area.


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