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Innsbruck: 2 issues (similar as with Split)

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I did a flight from Split to Innsbruck, and after landing I found the same 2 issues as with Split: 



1. Parkings are not defined as 'Gate': so ATC says 'taxi to general aviation parking' instead of 'taxi to gate XX'

2. The parking (4) did not have an option for 'ramp connection' (stairs) and baggage. I know this option is available if you use a parking of type RAMP_GA_LARGE.


Hope you fixe this in a future update!




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Yeah, that's what I was referring to in my post in the Split thread.

These issues at LOWI have been discussed in the following thread. For me all works fine if I do what I discribed in my post third to last. For others it does not.



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