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I have a huge gash in the countryside from Caernarfon due east. Is this your southern border with msfs?







Or did Scrat hammer his acorn into the terrain somewhere?

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13 hours ago, EagleSkinner said:

Is this your southern border with msfs?


Simple answer no - I think you need to stick with the Scrat theory!


Our scenery is a collection of individually placed POI's so has no boundary as such.


I've checked with just the default scenery and the 'feature' is still there so it's definitely an issue for Asobo to fix.


You appear to have either Bing Data World Graphics or Online Functionality turned off. If I do that I see what you see. 

Some of our test team have found that the simulator will randomly deactivate them without telling you.




With they are on it's less obvious. I see the gash in the distance, it disappears as I approach at the same moment as the Bing photoscenery pops into view.

I suspect that in one of the updates Asobo reduced this distance to improve performance.



So switching on Bing Data will improve things but only Asobo can fix it.


Mind you don't write of the Scrat theory. Keep an eye out for Sid and Manny when you're in that area!


All the best,



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