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[p3d v4.5] Gaya LOWW: Waiting for take-off AI aircraft taxi into each other

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Hi folks,

as a happy owner of Gaya's LOWW scenery (purchased via Orbx) I noticed -- less happy -- that the AI aircraft at the active runway taxi into each other waiting for take-off.

Is this a LOWW bgl, a prepar3d, or an AI traffic issue?


I sat at LOWW's active (34) for 1 hour and continuously happens.
I assume that after one hour, the AI traffic should have settled (if there is a hick-up in the beginning -- e.g. landing aircraft much too high on the approach and stuff like that, right?)

The same behaviour happened at runway 29, when this runway was chosen for T/O and landing.

I checked the bgl and noticed that the red START circle was not on the runway, but adjacent, appropriate taxiways (e.g. A1, A11 and the like, means the first/last at a given runway).
However, this seems to have the only effect that, if you choose to start the simulation a certain runway the aircraft does not sit already on the runway, but on the appropriate taxiway to this runway --- actually a nice choice.

I noticed that not only at the runways, but also during taxi the planes come close or run through each other.

How/where is this controlled?
Do I have to a tick mark somewhere? Where?

Thanks in advance,

Thanks in advance,




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I informed Gaya that their choice of taxiway width = 0 or 1 metre (don't remember) causes this. 

This root cause I found somewhere in the net. 

A little bit embarrassing that a flight sim airport scenery developper doesn't know that, 

but that customer have to investigate on this. 

I fixed it by myself in the bgl files. 

(In ADE you can change the width in bulk to e.g. 18 metres.

Since the optics come from other bgls, the taxiway width in the runway-taxiway-parking position defining bgl does not broaden the taxiways, but in the results prevents that the AI aircraft taxi into each other. 

Does an update exist?

If not, maybe Orbx can nudge their partner more than a single customer. 

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