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  1. Hello Gavanorio, thanks for the fix -- it works fine! 1. In case I purchase Orbx Vector, I assume that the fix needs to be removed, right? 2. Should the fix not be added right to your product, since there could be many purchasers without Vector? 3. I love CYTZ! Short runways! Pretty scenery of Toronto's city centre! Pecker
  2. Hi Nick, will you be so kind to address the issue to fsimstudios? Thanks in advance. P
  3. Hi Nick, assuming that you have them all: Do you see this as well?
  4. Hi Nick, P3D on my side. Yes FSimStudios. Pecker
  5. Hi folks, my hope was that the elevation issue I face at my Orbx CYTZ is fixed. But it is not. CYTZ is of higher priority than my CYYZ scenery (FlyTampa). Any ideas? Pecker
  6. Hi folks, TFDi sent an eMail to me annoucing a PACX update: "PACX has quickly grown into a staple for many simmers and we recently spent several months working on an update to keep it fresh. This update was released on the 28th of April and has some pretty exciting new features. " When will this be available via Orbx, since I purchased PACX via Orbx Thanx, Pecker.
  7. I informed Gaya that their choice of taxiway width = 0 or 1 metre (don't remember) causes this. This root cause I found somewhere in the net. A little bit embarrassing that a flight sim airport scenery developper doesn't know that, but that customer have to investigate on this. I fixed it by myself in the bgl files. (In ADE you can change the width in bulk to e.g. 18 metres. Since the optics come from other bgls, the taxiway width in the runway-taxiway-parking position defining bgl does not broaden the taxiways, but in the results prevents that the AI aircraft taxi into each other. Does an update exist? If not, maybe Orbx can nudge their partner more than a single customer.
  8. Hi Orbx, which benefits do I gain, if I puchase TFDI B717 via Orbx or TFDI directly. The price difference is notable. Is there a difference in the delivered good itself? Thanks, Andre
  9. Thanks, Graham. All should be fine now. I wasn't sure about the FTX and Orbx files. Andre
  10. Well, also the military and general aviation traffic is still there. There must be copy somewhere, because Orbx AU/NZ traffic is off now (Orbx Central). Some weeks ago I tried alpha-india's AIGAIM Addon -- Collect Orbx-data, without knowing what it does. So I asked, see my thread of today https://www.alpha-india.net/forums/index.php?topic=38545.0. May it insert Orbx traffic into alpha-india data? Let's wait for Kai's answer, or maybe you can see from the screenshots what is going on. Thx. Andre
  11. Hi Graham, please find attached the screenshots of scenery\world\scenery and G:\Orbx Library\p3dv5\AI Traffic Australia and New Zealand P3Dv5 (PBR), so, yes, I use the separate Orbx library. With all tick marks switched off in Orbx Central is don't have duplicates anymore, but, strange enough, still Virgin Australia, REX, and Pelican traffic (aside the international traffic from alpha-india).
  12. Hello Orbx, as the title implies I see doubled traffic in the Orbx AU/NZ area with the Orbx package AU/NZ installed. (Int'l non-AU/NZ traffic switched off in settings) In parallel I use alpha-india traffic for other regions. For some time I used both, alpha-india AU/NZ airlines and Orbx AU/NZ traffic PBR, however, with alpha-india the tick mark ( ) Don't use Orbx is confusing: Why should I use both? So, I deleted my installed alpha-india AU/NZ airlines, and trust in Orbx AU/NZ traffic alone. But many of the plane have ghost planes with identical ATC call signs and registrations. I tried to skip the p3d v4.5hf2 Orbx AU/NZ thinking from there the duplicates might come from, but to no avail, still doubled traffic. How can I fix this? Thanks in advance, Andreas
  13. All up and running again. I had to fix the four instances of SimConnect.
  14. Right, in p3d Add-ons pull down menu (while 'flying') there is no SODE entry: From the 12bPilot web page: SODE will also only show a single entry in the Add-Ons menu: Test DLL Connection. Nothing. SODE is tick marked in p3d Add-ons, but does not start. 8^(
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