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No AI traffic at overseas airports in P3Dv4.5 or Prdv5.2

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I have been away for a while from FlightSim and have noticed that now with the Australia and New Zealand AI Traffic installed it has placed 2 bgl. files within Scenery/World/ scenery the following trafficAircraft.bgl.disabled-by-aitrafficaunz-p3Dv5file, the same for Pacific Northwest Ferries which also have the trafficBoats.bg;.disabled-by pnwferries file.


I am unable to attach the trafficAircraft.bgl file as this is to large but was able to attach the trafficBoats.bgl file


Why has Orbx introduced these disable files in the and how can I revert back to having Ai Aircraft at overseas airports 





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Let me add a bit to Graham's answer above although it has nothing to do with AI aircraft.  If you have the PNW Ferries installed, Orbx Central disables the default file that guides AI ship and ferry traffic (trafficboats.bgl) and substitutes a version that is identical  except for routes modified or added by the PNW Ferries.  If for some reason you want to use the default AI ship and ferry traffic file, disable or uninstall the PNW Ferries scenery package.  This is further discussed in the instructions for the ferries. 



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Ok Graham, I have read the user Guide in the Australia and New Zealand Traffic Pack P3Dv5 (PBR) and is is there recommended in the Configure Section to Untick the box in FTX AI International Airline Traffic and I quote as below.


It is best to always untick this box when you fly outside Australia if you have another AI Traffic package installed as this file will only provide coverage for international carriers at Australia and New Zealand Airports.


Well Sir I have the FLAI AI Traffic Package installed as this is required by the VPilot and Vatsim programs to fly online with ATC and I still have no other airline traffic at Airports outside of Australia or New Zealand 


My conclusion is the instructions within the User Guide is incomplete, and I ask you why has Orbx introduced this file in the first place as we had control of how much Traffic we wanted while flying, you developers in Orbx have taken that control away from us Flight Simmers.


Regards, Jacob.

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The introduction of the xml Add-On method of installing scenery by Lockheed Martin for P3D V4 and V5 meant the Control Panel options would not work in files outside the Orbx file structure. As a result, the Control Panel and User Guide were both adjusted for the latest release of the FTX AU AI Traffic pack for P3D V5.


The User Guide dated April 2021 now reads as follows:-



The P3D default AI Traffic file is disabled as part of the installation process for this product. If you choose to reactivate this Traffic file you can do so by going to your Prepar3D/Scenery/World/scenery folder and remove the disabled-by-aitraffic-aunz-p3dv5 suffix from your trafficAircraft.bgl


While it is possible to have the P3D Default Traffic active at the same time as all of the FTX Traffic options, it is not recommended while flying in Australia or New Zealand as this will give you far too many aircraft for the sim to run efficiently."


Your quote above refers to the traffic file for the FTX International Traffic and it is suggested you disable this (via the Control Panel) when flying outside Australia and New Zealand so you do not have any clashes with other 3rd party AI traffic packages. If you have no other 3rd party AI traffic installed you could probably leave this active as it would enhance your default AI traffic when flying in other parts of the World.


I think the file you are suggesting as 'introduced by Orbx' is in fact the P3D default traffic file. It was not introduced but deactivated by the installation of the Orbx Traffic Pack. You are still able to activate or deactivate it as often as you like. Full control is with you, the user.

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Thank you Graham, that was the answer I was expected from you in the first place, as there is no reference in the User Guide about removing this disabled-by-aitraffic-aunz-p3dv5 suffix from your trafficAircraft.bgl


In conclusion I am and have been an Orbx customer for many years and can't praise the Quality of the Orbx Airport Sceneries enough.


I consider this Topic now resolved.


Regards, Jacob

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